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Faith and Culture

Foursome discover redemption through Children’s Homes

October 24 2014 by Blake Ragsdale, BCH Communications

While not related by flesh and blood, Joe, Roberta, Paulina and Travis, share a special kinship – they all lived at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) of North Carolina. They all belong to North Carolina’s largest family. They successfully vanquished the darkness that put their futures at risk with the foundation they received at BCH.

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Southwestern Seminary clears Patterson after dispute over Muslim student

October 24 2014 by Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service

The trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary have affirmed the school’s president, Paige Patterson, after investigating his decision to admit a Muslim student into the school’s Ph.D. program. Patterson had faced heavy criticism from some Baptists who accused him of violating the standards of his school in Fort Worth, Texas.

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SBC not ‘third way’ on divorce

October 24 2014 by David Roach, Baptist Press

The Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission has responded to a false statement by Danny Cortez who claimed the SBC already practices the “third way” regarding divorce and remarriage because people with varying views are given “space to disagree” within the same church.

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Spurgeon’s ministry examined in SBTS Alumni Academy

October 24 2014 by Jeff Robinson, SBTS Communications

More than 125 alumni of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary attended a two-day Alumni Academy devoted to the life and ministry of the great British pastor, Charles Spurgeon. Thomas J. Nettles, who retired from full-time teaching at Southern Seminary in May after more than 35 years as a professor of historical theology, served as the main lecturer for the conference.

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Festival 31: Back in a big way

October 23 2014 by Rick Houston, Special to the Recorder

The lengths to which the Winston-Salem congregation has gone to plan for its upcoming Festival 31 Halloween alternative are impressive, to say the least. It will be Calvary’s first Halloween event since 2007, and they’re planning for somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 people to attend.

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China: Fewer abortions? But more persecution

October 23 2014 by Tom Strode, Baptist Press

Christians face the “worst persecution in China since the Cultural Revolution,” said Bob Fu, president of ChinaAid. China’s newly announced switch to a two-child population control policy does not resolve the coercive nature of the program. The change came even as the communist government imposes the most severe oppression in four decades…

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Facebook & Apple cover workers’ egg freezing

October 23 2014 by David Roach, Baptist Press

Facebook and Apple have announced they will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs – a move The New York Times said “could be seen as paying women to put off childbearing.” This development paired with a rise in the single population may indicate that America has wandered further from biblical sexual morality.

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IMB’s Platt reflects on listening, learning

October 22 2014 by Erich Bridges, IMB/Baptist Press

A gathering of Southern Baptist missionaries grappling with what’s working in missions – and what isn’t – welcomed a new colleague to the strategic discussion: International Mission Board President David Platt. The long-planned conference, held earlier this fall in Asia, came at an ideal time for Platt.

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Mark Driscoll speaks for first time after resigning Seattle megachurch

October 22 2014 by Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Religion News Service

Days after stepping down as head of Seattle’s Mars Hill megachurch, Driscoll spoke briefly Oct. 20 at the Gateway Conference in suburban Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Initially, he and conference organizers agreed that he would not give a formal address at the conference.

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1% CP Challenge: Learn, pray, give

October 22 2014 by SBC Life, Baptist Press

The 1% CP Challenge “is a succinct way to do something more – an understandable way to say, ‘Yeah, we can do that,’” said Frank S. Page, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee president. “It is understandable, is easily acted upon, and can be done without shifting major sections of a church’s finances.”

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