Egypt’s Copts weather new wave of attacks

July 22 2016 by Art Toalston, Baptist Press

Islamist assaults against Egypt’s largest minority, Coptic Christians, have claimed the lives of two priests in the Coptic Orthodox Church, a pharmacist who was beheaded and a baker. World Watch Monitor chronicled the murders and numerous other assaults on Copts in the past two months along with attacks on churches, homes and businesses.

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Failed coup leaves Turkey’s Christians on edge

July 22 2016 by Mark Kelly, Baptist Press

In the aftermath of a failed military coup, Christians in Turkey are likely to face increased scrutiny and more persecution, an international security expert said. An estimated 50,000-60,000 people – soldiers, police, judges, prosecutors, civil servants and teachers – have been fired or detained since the July 15 coup attempt, according to news reports.

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South Sudan’s crisis stirs call to prayer

July 22 2016 by David Roach, Baptist Press

With South Sudan on the brink of renewed civil war, a Southern Baptist-led relief organization and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary remain unrelenting in their ministries there, amid what one aid worker called “a bigger humanitarian crisis than Syria.” “There is no hope other than Jesus,” said Ann Rao, founder of Living Water Community Transformation.

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North Korea threatens U.S. over new missile defense system

July 22 2016 by Anna K. Poole, WORLD News Service

North Korea is threatening the United States – again. The hermetically sealed nation vowed to sever its only diplomatic communication line and stage “powerful counter-action” over new sanctions on its leader and a planned missile detection system meant to prevent the totalitarian regime’s abuse of nuclear weaponry.

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Turkey leader’s social media counters military coup

July 18 2016 by Art Toalston, Baptist Press

Turkey’s Islamist-leaning president, Tayyip Erdogan, survived a coup by narrowly escaping a band of soldiers and then launching “a counteroffensive that marshaled military might, technology and religion,” as described by Wall Street Journal reporters. The coup attempt failed, leaving more than 250 people dead and 2,800 military personnel detained for questioning, as estimated by The Journal.

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Russian religion law said to ‘undercut’ missions

July 14 2016 by Daniel Woodman, Baptist Press

A new Russian law that prohibits evangelism and preaching outside state-sanctioned sites reminds New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary professor Jake Roudkovski of his days as a youth in the Soviet Union. “Baptist churches in Russia will survive”, Roudkovski said. Such oppression “is nothing new to them. ... They will stay faithful to the gospel.”

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Church plant seizes opportunity in Catholic sanctuary

July 13 2016 by JC Davies, Southern Baptist TEXAN

In a place steeped in religious history, a Southern Baptist church plant in Canada’s Quebec City is redefining what church looks like and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ among North America’s most unreached people group. “One of the reasons they are so unreached is due to the negative impact the church had on their history,” said Chad Vandiver.

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Preparing the way for Jesus through a Hungarian school

July 12 2016 by Emily Rojas, BSC Communications

When László Petró was growing up in Hungary, the government kept an eye on churchgoers. Bible studies were prohibited and rarely mentioned. As a result, it was only in 2012 when Petró, then the principal of a school in Nagyhalász, came into contact with people of faith for the first time.

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Social media speaks Central Asian ‘heart language’

July 11 2016 by Nicole Lee, IMB

Noor,* a Muslim-background believer in Central Asia, has been praying with a heart like Simeon’s for many years. “You know that story in the Bible when Simeon sees Jesus and says that he can now die in peace? I want God to let me see a church in my heart language before I die,” he said.

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Court deals blow to Christian law school

July 8 2016 by J.C. Derrick, WORLD News Service

The Ontario Court of Appeal on June 29 ruled that a provincial accrediting body can legally refuse to recognize Trinity Western University’s proposed law school based solely on the school’s marriage views. The Christian university plans to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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