Jewish evangelism: Conference spawns reflections

November 24 2015 by Benjamin Hawkins, The Pathway

Convening in Jerusalem, the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism’s 10th International Conference on Jewish Evangelism included some 200 Jewish evangelists from six continents. Participants strategized about the best methods for communicating the gospel to Jews. Jim Sibley argued in a presentation at the conference that Jewish evangelism must continue ...

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Swedish court rules midwives must perform abortions

November 24 2015 by Sarah Padbury, WORLD News Service

A district court in Sweden recently ruled against midwife Ellinor Grimmark, who was denied employment at four hospitals because she refuses to participate in abortions. Grimmark appealed the ruling and enlisted the help of Alliance Defending Freedom International. But on Nov. 12, the court ruled against Grimmark ...

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Boko Haram exceeds ISIS in terrorism deaths

November 23 2015 by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press

Boko Haram has become the most deadly terrorist group in the world, killing more people in terrorist attacks in 2014 than ISIS, according to the 2015 Global Terrorism Index (GTI). The GTI attributed more than 6,644 deaths to Boko Haram in 2014, with most attacks occurring in northeastern Nigeria.

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‘Peoples Next Door’ continues amid refugee controversy

November 19 2015 by Seth Brown, BR Content Editor

Political asylum seekers from countries like Myanmar, Iraq and Somalia are among the people groups in North Carolina. One group in particular – Syrian refugees – became a source of national controversy after a Nov. 13 terrorist attack in Paris, France. “God, in His sovereign will, has seen fit to bring the nations to North America,” Chuck Register said.

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IMB missionary tells of terror and hope in Paris

November 19 2015 by Seth Brown, BR Content Editor

Colby Corsaut sat sleepless in the early morning hours of Nov. 14, reflecting on the terror that broke out across Paris, France, the night before. He had walked through the middle of a global terror scene, and he now felt his call to serve the people of France was as sure as ever.

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Syrian refugees: balancing compassion & security

November 19 2015 by David Roach, Baptist Press

With at least 31 U.S. governors opposing the resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states following terrorist attacks in Paris, Christians have found themselves discussing the appropriate balance between security and compassion in immigration policy.

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Israeli-Palestinian tensions rise, yet hope flickers

November 19 2015 by Charles Braddix, IMB

The latest Israeli-Palestinian clash involves a familiar site that is holy to Jews and Muslims – what Jews call the Temple Mount and what Muslims call Al-Aqsa or the Noble Sanctuary. Atop the buried ruins of the first and second Jewish temples are the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque, two of Islam’s most sacred sites.

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Why evangelicals are torn over admitting Syrian refugees

November 19 2015 by Trevin Wax, Religion News Service

Evangelicals may be united that the Bible is the ultimate source of authority, but they are divided on how the Bible would lead us to respond to the growing crisis of refugees fleeing from Syria. What is the best way to show Christian love and compassion? How is the church’s role different from the state’s? How do we show wisdom and prudence in securing the safety of our neighbors and nation? These are just a few of the questions that evangelicals are grappling with.

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Moore: U.S. should not exclude Christians in genocide label

November 18 2015 by Tom Strode, Baptist Press

Russell Moore responded to a report the State Department is preparing to categorize the terrorist organization’s campaign against Iraq’s Yazidi sect as genocide but not to include Christians as targets of genocidal acts. The president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission urged Kerry not to distinguish between different groups ...

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Congo releases few adopted children to waiting families

November 18 2015 by Kiley Crossland, World News Service

In September 2013, Congo’s government suddenly froze all international adoptions by refusing to issue any exit permits for adopted children. Dozens of children stuck in halted adoptions in the Democratic Republic of Congo are now authorized to leave the country after two years of waiting, according to an announcement Nov. 2.

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