Vision 2025: A call to reach every person for Jesus Christ

Ronnie Floyd, SBC EC president
February 25 2020

Vision 2025 is not simply a slogan or rallying cry. It's a path forward to help us reimagine a new future together of reaching the world for Jesus Christ – every person, every town, every city, every state, and every nation... read more


2 things Christians should know about the universe

Kerissa Armstead, Intersect Project
February 24 2020

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Carolina Skies Planetarium Show at Morehead Planetarium at UNC Chapel Hill with the Center For Faith and Culture (CFC)  Mentorship Program. Since I am a high school science teacher, I visit the planetarium each year with my students... read more


5 Ways Counseling Changed Me

Ben Trueblook, LifeWay Students
February 20 2020

I go to counseling.  It’s a phrase that I never thought I would utter, especially in such a public way, but there it is. For a long time, I bought into the lie that as a pastor it was something I just couldn’t do – that if I needed counseling, it must mean that I was unfit to lead where God had called me to lead... read more


Pastor’s trip to Africa emphasizes priority of prayer

Joel Williams, IMB
February 19 2020

Ten years ago, on a beautiful Sunday morning near the shore of Lake Victoria, I was reminded again of the priority of prayer. I was visiting International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries who focus on planting churches and training church leaders on the many African islands stretching across the north end of Lake Victoria... read more


Why Easter is an ideal day for baptism

Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer
February 18 2020

One of the great aspects of disciple-making is helping others understand the importance of sharing their faith and helping others come into a relationship with Christ. Another step in the discipleship process is helping them understand the importance of believer’s baptism... read more