Giving to express your gratitude
    November 4 2014 by Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer

    Each year during the Thanksgiving season, North Carolina Baptists have an opportunity to express their gratitude to God for a wonderful ministry of the Baptist State Convention. This is the season to promote the annual Thanksgiving Offering that provides much of the financial support required each year for our Baptist Children’s Home of North Carolina led by Michael Blackwell.
    Gloria and I are in a different church every Sunday, and I have the opportunity to share some of the great things that God is doing through the work of this state Convention. There are several ministries of this Convention that people in our churches may not be well acquainted with, but wherever I go, when I mention the name of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH), I immediately see smiles beam from the faces of individuals in the congregation.
    North Carolina Baptists are proud to be part of this vibrant ministry, which has existed since 1885. I consider it to be the best in the Southern Baptist Convention. BCH provides ministry in all 100 counties of this state. In 2013, almost 10,000 children and adults were recipients of the ministries of BCH.
    The president, the trustees and the staff of BCH understand their mission is to “provide the highest quality of Christian service to children, adults and families in a caring culture of measurable excellence,” and they are diligent in pursuing this purpose. Recently, I asked someone why North Carolina Baptists appreciate the ministry of BCH – the immediate response was, “because they give children a reason to have hope.”
    Each year, Dr. Blackwell rejoices in sharing with me the number of children in their care who accept Christ as Savior.
    The proof of the value of this great ministry can be best understood by hearing the testimonies of children and parents whose lives have been radically changed by Jesus through the efforts of our state Convention’s Baptist Children’s Homes.
    I am always encouraged and thankful when I listen to youth and adults share about how their lives were radically and positively impacted through the ministry and love they received when they lived in one of our BCH facilities.
    My purpose in writing this article is to encourage North Carolina Baptists to give a personal gift in support of the Thanksgiving Offering for BCH. The week of specific, intentional prayer for BCH is Nov. 16-23.
    The offering goal for this special offering is $1,500.000. Giving to support this offering is another way to express your gratitude for all that God is doing through Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina. I hope all of our church leaders will make their congregants aware of this opportunity to help support a most important Christian ministry by promoting and receiving this Thanksgiving Offering in their churches.

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