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Executive Director
Carmi, IL
Illinois Baptist Children's Home and Family Services
Posted May 2, 2022
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Executive Director

Illinois Baptist Children's Home and Family Services — Carmi, IL
Executive Director
Carmi, IL
Illinois Baptist Children's Home and Family Services
Posted May 2, 2022
Contact Info:
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IL Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services (BCHFS) is looking for an Executive Director. See qualifications and standards at http://www.bchfs.com/employment. BCHFS is a Licensed Child Welfare Agency whose mission is to “Provide Christ-centered services that protect, heal and restore”. The agency has a rich history of providing care for children and families in crisis for over 100 years. BCHFS has an annual budget of $3.9 million and provides care for children and adults through various programs including residential care, maternity care, adoption services, counseling services, and a pregnancy resource clinic. To apply, send a letter of interest and resume to Eric Bramlet, Search Committee Chair, [email protected].

Position Summary
Qualifications and Standards:
  • Degree/ Experience
    • A Master’s of Social Work degree from an accredited school of social work and three years’ work experience in social work administration; or
    • A Master’s degree in human services field from an accredited school and five years’ work experience in hu man services administration; or
    • A Master’s degree in Business Administration or Health Administration and five years’ experience in administration
  • Complete a criminal background check at the request of BCHFS.
  • Complete a financial background check at the request of BCHFS.
  • Maintain active membership with a Southern Baptist Church in Illinois and uphold and maintain core beliefs and practices of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
  • Provide a personal statement of faith and commitment to adhere to Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
  • Exhibit strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Capable of diligently and effectively managing BCHFS budget.
  • Maintain strong leadership, collaborative, fiduciary and administrative skills and duties.
  • Perpetually demonstrate personal qualities that foster healthy relationships with clients, board of trustees, staff and donors.
  • Uphold DCFS licensure requirements for this administrative position and BCHFS agency.
  Position Accountabilities:
  1. Lead Illinois Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services (BCHFS) to keep its mission and vison clearly focused on the needs of those it serves, while conveying the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
  2. Collect and process records, research data, and feedback regarding the needs/wants of the churches and families in the Illinois Baptist State Association (IBSA); use collected data in planning and evaluation.
  3. Serve at the will of the BCHFS Board of Trustees.  Attend all board and committee meetings.
  4. Develop long-range strategic plans; assess existing programs regularly; recommend annual programs, calendar, and operational budget; administer approved plans.
  5. Serve as a member of the Coordinating Council of the Illinois Baptist State Association. Attend the Board of Director meetings and the Annual Convention Meeting.
  6. Serve as the Investment Officer for the Agency.
  7. Design, conduct, and evaluate programs and projects to deliver services to IBSA churches and families. Consistently communicate services to churches and donors.
  8. Multiple speaking/preaching engagements are required in order to stay engaged with IBSA churches.
  9. Build and maintain reciprocal relationships with other denominational and governmental agencies for the benefit of children and families.
  10. Recommend and administer an effective and efficient staff organization.
  11. Select, train, develop, supervise and evaluate staff.
  12. Develop, maintain, and manage the use of facilities and property owned by Illinoi s Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services.
  13. Raise funds, as well as, prepare and administer BCHFS budget within approved guidelines; record and report on all funds.
  14. Develop and administer work systems and procedures and adhere to Illinois BCH FS policy and bylaws.
  15. Evaluate the work of Illinois BCH FS annually in light of the following key result areas:
    • Fund Raising
    • Number of persons receiving care
    • Annual operations within budget guidelines
    • Identifiable improvement in quality of services rendered
Statement of Belief
  • We value and affirm life from conception to natural death.
  • We believe that children should live in a safe and stable home environment and should be given the opportunity to thrive with loving parents.
  • We offer residential care, when needed, which nurtures the whole child – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • We work to strengthen the family unit and build family and community supports with the goal of reunification of the family.
  • We promote life through alternatives to abortion including residential care for pregnant women, life-skills training and Christian counseling, and/or adoption as set out below.
  • We believe that marriage is ordained by God and revealed in the Bible to be a covenant relationship between one man (biologically male at birth) and one woman (biologically female at birth).
  • We serve Christian, heterosexual-married couples (meaning of opposite biological gender at birth) in our adoption ministry and services, including those services we offer in support to outside adoption providers.
  • When we cannot assist through our Christian ministry programs, we offer referral assistance to outside agencies.
  • We offer all our services regardless of ability to pay and regardless of racial or ethnic backgrounds.
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