10 steps for implementing GPS
Chip Arnhart & Jerry Pipes, Baptist Press
January 19, 2010

10 steps for implementing GPS

10 steps for implementing GPS
Chip Arnhart & Jerry Pipes, Baptist Press
January 19, 2010

As Southern Baptists prepare to implement “God’s Plan for

Sharing: Across North America” in the coming months, the North American Mission

Board (NAMB) offers 10 steps toward reaching the goal.

1. Pray. Mobilize your church to pray for all lost people in

your community and your church’s efforts to reach them.

2. Determine your territory. Which homes will your church

touch through prayer and the “Find It Here” gospel distribution?

Check with your association to identify other participating

churches so as not to overlap efforts.

3. Order “Across North America” materials. The Pastor/Church

Preparation Guide is available for free at gps2020.net or order a copy for a

small fee by calling (866) 407-6262.

You may be able to order plastic bags and Find It Here

gospel drop-in pieces from your association. Find contact information at

gps2020.net. You can also order promotional items at Outreach.com by

searching for “Find It Here.”

Or find North Carolina specific materials at


4. Update your church’s profile. Visit sbc.net and view your

church’s listing, and if necessary, correct your church’s information.

Churches can make changes to their online information

anytime using their 7-digit SBC ID# (the same number used for the Annual Church

Profile) by going to churchsearch.net. Be sure the address listed is your

physical address and not a P.O. Box.

Those looking for church homes during this campaign will be

sent to this web site to find churches in their area.

5. Become an ERC Covenant Church. The information from

individuals contacting the Evangelism Response Center is sent to Covenant

Churches for follow-up.

If your church is equipped and registered as a Covenant

Church, then the contact information of people accepting Christ in your area

will come to you. For more information about Covenant Churches call (770)

410-6383 or e-mail [email protected].

6. Provide your congregation with evangelism training.

7. Prepare your church for company. Easter Sunday will be a

day when many people visit for the first time. Be sure this isn’t their last

time visiting by preparing to welcome and incorporate them.

8. Keep it simple. Across North America consists of four

simple steps:

a. A three-week targeted media saturation March 20 through April

11 (TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, etc.).

b. Prayer walking your community on the weekend of March


c. On March 27 distributing clear bags containing a “Find It

Here” gospel drop-in piece and an invitation to your Easter services to each home

in your territory.

d. Conducting a five-week follow-up process after Easter.

9. Make Easter Sunday, April 4, special. Because of your

prayers and hands-on work to distribute the gospel, many lost people will be at

your Easter Sunday services. Take full advantage of this time by clearly

presenting the gospel and providing an opportunity for people to respond.

10. Celebrate what God has done. Host a baptism celebration,

reflect with thanksgiving on the changed lives, praise God for the number of

believers trained and rejoice about the revival experienced in your community.

Let God continue this transformation in your heart, your church and your


(EDITOR’S NOTE — Arnhart is resource coordinator for the North American

Mission Board’s spiritual awakening team, and Pipes is the team’s leader. If

your church is going to be involved, please share information or photos with

the Biblical Recorder by contacting Dianna Cagle at [email protected].)

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