Alexis seeks, meets neighborhood needs
BR staff and press releases
May 31, 2010

Alexis seeks, meets neighborhood needs

Alexis seeks, meets neighborhood needs
BR staff and press releases
May 31, 2010

Alexis Baptist Church has

responded in the past couple years with specific ministries to meet community

needs that involve members “reaching out at home.”

Recognizing they are

“bombarded with requests” prompted by needs created by wars, disasters, and by

people suffering without basic necessities, church members decided they would

no longer overlook the suffering of neighbors “in their own backyard.”

Alexis has begun an ongoing

home missions project to find and meet needs of those around the church. Since

they started the project last year, members have met needs “from the most

basic, to the most drastic,” according to church member Rebecca Rebels.

Contributed photo

David Lanham, leader of Alexis Baptist Church’s Neighborhood Missions Ministry, wears protective gear while serving on a project.

“The Alexis family

understands there are things in this life that cause reasons people cannot

accomplish things on their own, whether it be from lack of money, lack of

skills or lack of assistance,” said Rebels in a story provided to the Biblical


The church built a growing

list of volunteers with a variety of talents who are following the Great

Commission to go and tell, and they are telling and showing by going

and caring.

Volunteers have remodeled

and repaired a kitchen, a bathroom and an entire mobile home that was damaged

by renters’ dogs.

They have replaced steps,

repaired decks, painted storage buildings and garages. They’ve repaired gutters

and downspouts to direct water away from home foundations.

Others have had handrails installed

or entire wheelchair ramps. They have cleaned decks, built walkways, repaired

roofs and installed storm windows. They have built a turtle box, a dog entrance

and a bunk bed.

Together they have repaired,

rebuilt and installed playground equipment, cubbies and book

storage for a preschool. They have even stepped up as a well-honed,

well-equipped team and built a home.

“From the simple to the

extensive, nothing has been too difficult when it comes to caring for our

neighbors,” said Rebels.

“Our Lord instructed us to

take care of the poor and the widows. He instructed us to minister to those in


“The faithful at Alexis have

taken that to heart to show our neighbors the love and compassion of Jesus, our

Lord and King.”

This ongoing community care

“snowballed” into a volunteer response of 80 persons for each of two Operation

Inasmuch weekends this spring, said pastor Sandy Marks.