BSC Annual Meeting to hold breakout sessions
BR Staff
October 23, 2012

BSC Annual Meeting to hold breakout sessions

BSC Annual Meeting to hold breakout sessions
BR Staff
October 23, 2012

Breakout sessions will be held from 3:45-5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at the Greensboro Coliseum, Special Events Center, during the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s annual meeting. There is no charge to attend.


Below is a list of the sessions offered:

• Pursuing Godliness as You Lead Others (Room 4B) – Throughout his letters, the Apostle Paul encouraged believers to “pursue godliness.” What is godliness? This session will explain what godliness is, why it is important and why all believers should actively pursue a life of godliness. Leader: Ashley Allen, Women’s Ministry, Embrace Ministry, BSC

• Disciple-making in 3D (Room 1A) – In this session we will examine how churches and individuals can create a culture of discipleship as individuals, families and congregations seek to be an agent for spiritual awakening every day. Participants will be given biblical, practical ideas on how to live a life of spiritual influence in all aspects of life. Leader: Brian Upshaw, Church Ministry Team, BSC

• The Billy Graham “My Hope” Evangelistic Emphasis (Room 3A) – This session will inform participants of the upcoming effort by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to share the gospel throughout this nation and how North Carolina Baptists can participate. Leaders: Don McCutcheon, Marty Dupree and Guillermo Soriano, Evangelization, BSC

• Church Renewal and Revitalization (Room 1B) – This session will focus on the Church Renewal Journey and other forms of revitalization being offered by the BSC Evangelization Group and the North American Mission Board. Leaders: Bob and Phyllis Foy, Lay Renewal, BSC

• Stewardship: Lost in Translation (Room 4A) – Our worldly and religious cultures have created disciples who are tippers, donors and tithers who totally miss the gospel’s message of stewardship in the life of a disciple. This session will assist participants in understanding stewardship as a biblical, relational, Kingdom and eternal issue. The session will introduce discipling approaches for moving disciples closer to what God intended them to be as stewards, and provide a sample stewardship strategy and resource bibliography to assist in creating a disciple-making culture. Leader: Neal Eller, Church Health Team, BSC

• Awaken: God’s Time to Wake Up and Pray (Room 2) – There is no doubt that the American church is asleep and in desperate need of God’s presence. Have you ever wondered what could happen if revival and spiritual awakening took place in America? How do we respond to the desperate need for awakening as believers and churches? How should we pray? This conference explores these and other questions related to revival and spiritual awakening from a biblical, historical and practical perspective. Leader: J. Chris Schofield, Office of Prayer, BSC

• Involving Your Church in Life Changing Mission Projects (Room 3B) – We are called to be on mission in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. This session will cover local, state, national and international missions opportunities and needs. If your church is interested in “doing” missions this breakout session will be helpful. Leaders: Richard Brunson and NC Baptist Men staff

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