Church Interiors helps facilities’ beauty, function
Emily Blake, BR Editorial Aide
November 26, 2013

Church Interiors helps facilities’ beauty, function

Church Interiors helps facilities’ beauty, function
Emily Blake, BR Editorial Aide
November 26, 2013

(EDITOR’S NOTE – Church Interiors has been advertising with the Biblical Recorder for more than 10 years. We’re showcasing this company in gratitude for their support.)

In 1981, Charles Wicker and the late Ron Belton started selling pews, stained glass windows and carpet in High Point.

Their young business, Church Interiors, soon became one of the first companies to reupholster church pews.


Church Interiors photo

Retro-fit lighting is just one of the many services offered by Church Interiors located in High Point. The business offers renovations as well as stained glass and electrical and video services as well as church pew resoration.

Church Interiors continued to add to their services as the needs arose, eventually moving into electrical, audio and video as well.

Today the company specializes in complete church sanctuary renovation and has performed more than 10,000 renovations in churches all over the country.

Wicker and Belton eventually moved into a partnership with LifeWay Church Architecture. Due to this relationship with LifeWay, much of their work has been done in Baptist churches.

Church Interiors is dedicated to making churches beautiful and more functional. References and photos of satisfied customers are featured on the company’s website, showcasing their quality work.

Some testimonies date back almost 30 years. Much of their success over the years has come from these referrals from one church to another.

When working with Church Interiors, a personal consultant discusses the different options that will fit the church best. Church Interiors can work with a variety of different styles and layouts to create the atmosphere desired, be it traditional or contemporary.

Wicker noted that smaller churches need versatility from their main rooms. Often one large room serves as a place for worship, weddings, funerals and potlucks.

Church Interiors provides a menu layout to each customer of all their purchases, showing exactly where their money is going.

The customer also receives a 3D rendering in color, which gives the congregation a visual of the expected outcome. This has served well as motivation for churches doing fundraising.

One of Church Interiors’ expansions was into general contracting and sub-contracting. This has allowed them to keep their prices low and provide a quality service that is affordable.

“We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t put into our own churches,” said Wicker.

Visit churchinteriors.com or call (800) 289-7397.