Crime prevention tips to detect, deter crime
Raleigh Police Department
April 22, 2010

Crime prevention tips to detect, deter crime

Crime prevention tips to detect, deter crime
Raleigh Police Department
April 22, 2010

A break-in at a Raleigh church in January forced the church to take stronger measures to secure its facility. As a result of that story about Korean First Baptist Church in Raleigh, Raleigh Police shared these tips for churches:

  • Install adequate exterior lighting.

  • Encourage removal of visual obstructions.

  • Control landscape to eliminate hiding spots.

  • Conduct a walk-through at the conclusion of all events to ensure windows and doors are locked; restrooms and closets do not have persons hiding in them awaiting everyone to leave the church premises.

  • Fence off problem areas and keep doors locked when services or events are not being held in building or grounds.

  • Use quality commercial dead bolt locks on exterior doors using mechanical or electrical locks.

  • Limit the number of keys issued and duplicates to members. Limit access to facility, designate that only church staff may unlock/lock facility.

  • Secure valuable equipment such as sound system, musical equipment behind dead bolted, solid core doors. Limit access to these areas to the appropriate people.

  • Create an inventory of property and engrave the church name and identification number on each item. This makes it easier to identify and recover if stolen.

  • Reduce number of entrances/exits and control access from fire/emergency exits.

  • Have members at or in area as often as possible to reduce number of trespassers.

  • Make it known in the area that the building is being watched 24/7.

  • Always deposit offering into local bank the same day it is collected. Do not hold in church office to be deposited on a future day.

  • Avoid printing offering totals in church bulletins/newsletters for anyone and everyone to read.

If an incident has occurred:

  • Don’t let a one-time incident occur without addressing the issue.

  • Train individuals in crime reporting.

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Crime prevention tips to detect, deter crime

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