Exhibit offers meaningful experience
From staff reports
April 09, 2009

Exhibit offers meaningful experience

Exhibit offers meaningful experience
From staff reports
April 09, 2009

Two years ago, a “World Vision Experience” at a youth ministers’ conference had a profound impact on Jeni Martin.

“When I came through, I said, ‘Why is this for pastors? This is where our people should be,’” said Martin, who is now associate pastor of missions at First Baptist Church in Asheboro.

World Vision photo

Visitors will tour an interactive exhibit to mimic life in an African village for a child.

That desire will come to fruition May 3-10 as the church hosts the 3,000-square-foot “World Vision Experience: AIDS” in its Christian life center.

Martin said people who go through the interactive exhibit, which is called “Step into Africa,” get an MP3 player that invites them to assume the life of an African child.

“I can tell you all about the little girl I was and her life,” Martin said.

The event is free, but tickets are required. They can be found at www.worldvisionexperience.org.

Martin said the N.C. Zoo and the Randolph County Hospital are co-sponsoring the exhibit.

Hospital workers will give AIDS screenings.

Those going through the experience will be given information about sponsoring a child in Kasitu, Uganda, through World Vision.

Martin said she hopes Randolph County churches will develop a relationship with the Ugandan village.

Plans include annual trips to Kasitu by church and local community leaders. The N.C. Zoo already does work in Uganda, she said.

“The long-term goal is to create this sister relationship,” Martin said.

More information about the exhibit can be found at www.worldvisionexperience.org/randolphcounty.