Garner church celebrates American Idol
Dianna L. Cagle, BR Assistant Managing Editor
June 06, 2011

Garner church celebrates American Idol

Garner church celebrates American Idol
Dianna L. Cagle, BR Assistant Managing Editor
June 06, 2011

Seeing Scotty McCreery grow up through First

Baptist Church

in Garner to become this season’s American Idol is no surprise to Travis Tobin.

“We are very proud and pleased in how he’s represented the

Lord,” said Tobin, FBC’s senior pastor.

When the 17-year-old defeated Lauren Alaina in the final

show May 25 he knew exactly who to thank: “I thank the Lord. He got me here.”

When he made the final three, McCreery came home to Garner

to a warm welcome. Thousands of fans packed a Garner park and showed up

throughout the day at his various appearances.

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Scotty McCreery made a name for himself on Americal Idol and brought attention to his faith. McCreery, 17, won the competition May 25. He is a member of First Baptist Church in Garner.

“It’s really unbelieveable how all this has come together

quickly,” Tobin said. “He was quick to honor the Lord while he was here.”

Tobin remembers it was almost a year ago that McCreery went

to Milwaukee to audition for the

show. After receiving his prized Hollywood ticket,

McCreery caught a plane back to Raleigh

to go with his youth group on a mission trip to New York.

McCreery has been part of the church’s youth praise band on

Wednesday nights, and throughout season 10 of American Idol, has been sharing

symbols of his faith.

“We knew he was trying to let us know he had his mind and

heart on the Lord,” explained Tobin, who said he’s spotted McCreery wearing a

BeDoTell shirt, reflecting the Baptist State Convention’s youth ministry. He

also wears a cross necklace and an “I am Second” wristband, showing his support

for a movement that chronicles the personal stories of struggle and

transformation of celebrities and everyday people.

When asked about McCreery’s faith life, Tobin said that the

teen feels closer to God than ever before even though it has been a struggle

not being part of his church family.

Scotty and his mother have only been able to attend church

services a couple of times since being in Hollywood.

“It’s been more of Scotty with his mom spending time in

prayer,” Tobin said. “One of the things he desires is that God give him a

greater hunger for His Word.”

Tobin said the students have tried to include Scotty in

worship on Wednesday a couple of times via Skype. Because of the time

difference, he could usually participate some.

During his May 14 homecoming, about 130 church members

wearing “Team Scotty” yellow T-shirts canvassed the park distributing tracts

that included “My Story,” Scotty’s personal testimony, and sharing how to have

a relationship with Christ. The volunteers also helped people with directions

and provided assistance to town officials.

“In between his songs, he was quick to give testimony to the

Lord,” Tobin said. “My prayer is that he’ll keep walking with the Lord so He’ll

keep blessing him.”

Tobin believes “people fell in love with Scotty and the

character he exhibited.”

Because of Scotty, the church has seen an uptick in emails

as well as visitors. Tobin said on Memorial Day weekend, typically a low

turnout day for most churches, there were more visitors than normal. Tobin has

received emails from across the country and around the world praising Scotty

for his Christian witness.

“It’s been an interesting experience,” said Tobin, who is

becoming known as “Scotty’s pastor.” “God’s showing favor to Scotty right now.”