Johnny Hunt event aims at teaching how to steward influence
BSC Communications
March 23, 2016

Johnny Hunt event aims at teaching how to steward influence

Johnny Hunt event aims at teaching how to steward influence
BSC Communications
March 23, 2016

Johnny Hunt, pastor of First Baptist Woodstock of Woodstock, Ga., will conduct a leadership conference titled “Stewardship of Influence,” on Thursday, April 28 at Life Community Church in Jamestown.

During the one-day event, Hunt and John Mark Clifton with the North American Mission Board will share how to steward influence as a pastor and church leader.

The event is open to pastors, staff and lay leaders.

Hunt will also conduct a special session for pastors age 55 and up on finishing strong. Registration for the event is $15 and includes lunch. More information is available at ncbaptist.org/events.


Hunt recently took some time to answer some questions about what he’ll be sharing at the conference.

Q: Throughout your ministry, you have sought to equip and encourage pastors and leaders in the local church. What are some biblical and practical ways we can grow as leaders?

A: I believe that one of the great ways that pastors will grow in biblical and practical ways is by discipling others. I spend an hour every week – after reading 12 chapters of God’s Word – with five other guys. We meet to highlight what we heard and attempt to explain it by being able to speak biblically. We see how God’s Word applies (to our lives), and what our response should be to what we read.

Also, leaders are learners. Read at least one good book outside the context of your preaching ministry every month. Make it something you become accountable to other guys about. Make sure you are growing; you can’t transfer to others that which you do not possess. God must be active, alive and working in your life; touching you for you to be able to touch others.

Q: The title and theme of this conference is “Stewardship of Influence.” How would you define and describe “Stewardship of Influence?”

A: God has made all of us stewards, and a steward is to be found faithful. You cannot lead people that you have no influence over. It has been said that leadership is influence.

I will define and describe what this looks like in a disciple’s life in our conference together in the revitalization time, but suffice it to say, whatever influence God has given me, am I stewarding it well to influence others to join me in my journey with Jesus?

Q: Prior to the conference, you will be conducting a special session with pastors who are 55 and older on “finishing strong.” Why is it so important to “finish strong” and leave a godly legacy?

A: I am looking forward to teaching on finishing strong. It is a new lesson that I have started teaching at our Revitalization Conferences. It is really talking about the fourth quarter in our lives and how we can stay focused and how these can be our greatest years. Basing it primarily on Proverbs 19:20, we should seek advice and counsel that we might be wiser in our later days. We are more equipped to lead now than we have ever been. God has been preparing us for what He has prepared for us. Now we should be at our best, but we should stay on guard that we finish strong and leave a legacy of a Christ-honoring life that others will be influenced by when we are gone.

Q: What do you hope attendees take away from this event?

A: It is my hope that every person that comes will leave being able to identify where God has given them the most influence and how they can steward that influence in a way to greatly influence and affect the lives of others. I look forward to being with each of you.