Katie Orr plans to anchor her time in God’s Word
BSC Communications
August 22, 2017

Katie Orr plans to anchor her time in God’s Word

Katie Orr plans to anchor her time in God’s Word
BSC Communications
August 22, 2017

Determined and ambitious, Katie Orr equips busy women to experience God. While she holds a bachelor of science degree in medical technology from Auburn University, she’s discovered a passion to teach women how to study scripture, equipping them to walk with God for a lifetime.

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“As a Bible study teacher, I want to work myself out of a job,” Katie Orr said. Orr will be the main speaker at “Anchored,” a women’s retreat in October.

Orr is a prolific author and blogger, and she developed the FOCUSed15 Bible study method. She will be the featured speaker at this year’s N.C. Baptist Women’s Retreat, scheduled for Oct. 27-28 at Caraway Conference Center in Sophia. This year’s retreat theme is “Anchored,” based on Psalm 1:3. She recently took some time to answer some questions about her ministry and the upcoming women’s conference.

Q: Why do you feel it is important to be grounded, or anchored, in God’s Word?

A: What we believe about God is the most significant belief we hold. So much of the deep hopelessness, crippling anxiety and wayward choices stem back to a faulty view of God.

If we see Him as distant and disinterested, the stresses of life will cause our emotions to spiral out of control. When we realize He is near, caring and mighty to save, we can peacefully rest in His presence and provision. If we see Him as angry and disappointed, our tendency will be to run away in fear instead of draw near to grace. The primary way we shape our view of God is through His Word. The Bible teaches us who God is and how we can know Him in our everyday moments. Being anchored in the truth tethers our mind and heart to who God is, and this knowledge shapes our actions, our attitudes, as well as our affections.

Q: Who first taught you to study God’s Word?

A: I learned many Bible study tools through the ministry of Cru [formerly Campus Crusade for Christ], while at Auburn University. Kay Arthur’s inductive Bible study, Teach Me Your Ways, also profoundly shaped the way I study.

Q: Can you explain your method of Bible study?

A: The FOCUSed15 method of study is a simple yet effective way to study the Bible that allows you to go deep into scripture in as little as 15 minutes a day.

By looking at the same passage over five days – each time looking at them through a different lens – you don’t have to sacrifice depth if you don’t have an hour a day to study. The goal is quality over quantity.

Here is the method at a glance:

• F – Foundation: Enjoy Every Word – Many of us are conditioned to read through scripture quickly and are often left having no idea what we just read. So, to kick off our studies, we write out the passage.

• O – Observation: Look at the Details – We spend the next day looking for truths in God’s Word.

Observation is simply noting what we see by asking ourselves good questions like, “What does this passage say is true about God?”

• C – Clarification: Uncover the Original Meaning – Here we take a peek at the original language of the verses. There are many websites and apps that, once you know how to use them, make this as easy as looking up a word in the dictionary.

• U – Utilization: Discover the Connections – Ever notice the little numbers inserted in your study Bible? These are cross references and important tools for study.

For this day, we follow a few of the cross references to see how this passage is connected to the common themes throughout all of the Bible.

• S – Summation: Respond to God’s Word – This is when we begin to answer the question, “How should this passage affect me?”

To understand this, we will take three actions:

  • Identify – Find the main idea of the passage.
  • Modify – Evaluate my beliefs in light of the main idea.
  • Glorify – Align my life to reflect the truth of God’s Word.

Q: Why do you believe this is a beneficial method of studying scripture?

A: I recently received a comment from someone who has completed all of my studies, and then went on to study the book Ephesians on her own, using the FOCUSed15 method. This made my day!

As a Bible study teacher, I want to work myself out of a job. I want YOU to know how to open your Bible and dig up the treasures awaiting within.

Q: We’re excited to have you at this year’s N.C. Baptist women’s retreat. What do you hope attendees take away from your time together?

A: I’m asking God to grant us a more accurate view of Him, in order to stir up a deeper desire for His presence.

When we see God for who He truly is, and we understand all He’s done in order to redeem us from our sin, it will naturally cause His people to draw nearer and nearer to Him.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – More information about the N.C. Baptist Women’s Retreat is available at ncbaptist.org/anchored. Early-bird registration is available through Sept. 8.)