Mother’s Day Offering brings life-changing gratitude
North Carolina Baptist Hospital
May 05, 2009

Mother’s Day Offering brings life-changing gratitude

Mother’s Day Offering brings life-changing gratitude
North Carolina Baptist Hospital
May 05, 2009

When I read the letter from Baptist Hospital I sat down and cried. The burdens we had carried were lifted and I felt such peace. My husband and I are so thankful to God and North Carolina Baptists for helping us through the Mother’s Day Offering,” said Dana Hutson of Elkin.

The Hutson’s daughter, Claira, was treated at Baptist Hospital for a severe abscess near her spine.

“She was so sick and we were very scared,” Dana said. “At first she was paralyzed from the neck down. I sat by her bed and cried. I couldn’t understand and said, ‘Why God?’ Then I just put her in God’s hands.”

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Claira Hutson

Physicians at Baptist were able to locate and remove the abscess.

Claira’s fever broke and soon she was on the way to recovery.

“We were so thankful and relieved,” Dana said.

Soon after returning home, the Hutsons faced new fears.

“When the hospital bill came I was worried sick,” Dana said.

“We were both working hard but still falling behind. We had too much for Medicaid and were stuck. I worried all the time about how to pay the hospital bill on top of all the other bills.”

Paul Mullen, director of church and community relations at North Carolina Baptist Hospital, said the Mother’s Day Offering is for families just like the Hutsons.

“They are responsible people caught in a painful bind of financial need,” Mullen said.

“They have too much to qualify for government assistance, but not enough to pay their hospital bills. Every dollar of every gift helps those who have nowhere to turn for assistance.”

The Hutson’s received a letter saying, ‘Your daughter’s hospital bill has been paid by compassionate and mission-minded North Carolina Baptists in the name of Jesus Christ and His love.’”

Mullen said, “Their gratitude has been life changing.”

“The Mother’s Day Offering was an answer to our prayers,” Dana said.

“We are so thankful to God and everyone who helped us. I had felt far apart from God but now I know He’s always been there. We see more clearly what really matters, and we’ve found our way back to church. We thank North Carolina Baptists with all our hearts.”

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Leroy and Amy Starnes

Leroy and Amy Starnes from Taylorsville felt similar gratitude for the Mother’s Day Offering.

He nearly died in an accident and was rushed to Baptist Hospital. God’s healing hand was at work and Starnes said, “I thank God every day for saving my life.

“I drive a truck for a living and haven’t been able to go back to work yet. The bills kept coming in and it really worried us. We didn’t know how to pay the hospital bill.”

When they received help from the Mother’s Day Offering, he said, “My wife and I can’t say thank you enough to North Carolina Baptists. We can’t describe the relief.”

Amy said through tears of gratitude, “We are so thankful to God and everyone who helped us.

“We didn’t go to church much before the accident, but now we’ve started. We are so grateful.”

They now attend Oxford Memorial Baptist Church. Their story can be seen on the Mother’s Day Offering video and at www.mothersdayoffering.org.

Mother’s Day Offering materials were mailed to N.C. Baptist churches.

Materials can be obtained by calling (336) 716-3027.