NC Baptist Men ready to respond
BSC Communications
August 26, 2011

NC Baptist Men ready to respond

NC Baptist Men ready to respond
BSC Communications
August 26, 2011

Efforts are underway to ready North Carolina Baptists to respond to the

aftermath of Hurricane Irene, expected to hit North Carolina’s coast Saturday.

All NC Baptist Men (NCBM)

volunteers and equipment are on alert, and all units such as feeding, recovery,

showers, laundry and chaplaincy are prepared to head east.

Richard Brunson, NCBM Executive Director-Treasurer, said a number of

churches have been identified as potential disaster response sites. NCBM is

maintaining contact with Emergency Management, Red Cross and other

organizations for response.

“We expect this to be a major disaster,” Brunson said. “Pray for the storm

to move back east and to reduce intensity. Please pray for the people who are

in the path of this storm, and for all the volunteers who will be going to


Many volunteers will be needed; however, potential volunteers are asked to

wait until they are notified by NCBM before heading to a disaster site.

“After the Hurricane moves through we will know more about the areas of

greatest need and the type of needs,” Brunson said. “We will keep you informed

as plans progress. God has blessed us with excellent equipment and volunteers.

Our prayer is that God will use our efforts to glorify Him.”

For more information about volunteering click here.

All the ministries of NCBM, including disaster relief efforts, are made

possible by gifts to the North Carolina Missions Offering. For more information

visit ncmissionsoffering.org.