Pitts Baptist hosts evangelism training
Tara Willis, Special to the Recorder
October 11, 2011

Pitts Baptist hosts evangelism training

Pitts Baptist hosts evangelism training
Tara Willis, Special to the Recorder
October 11, 2011

When was the last time you heard an 8-year-old say, “Why

does tomorrow night’s service have to be shorter?”

Brianna Arrowood was overheard wishing that evangelism

training could last longer at the “Every Believer a Witness” series at Pitts

Baptist Church in Concord.

Brianna and her mom, Hannah, were among hundreds who

recently learned biblically-based, practical, and sometimes hilarious ways to

approach people with the gospel in their day-to-day lives.

The life-changing seminar was taught by Dennis Nunn, founder

of Living the New Life Ministries, and native of Charlotte’s Derita Community.

Dennis has identified four major reasons believers don’t regularly share the

gospel: apathy, ignorance, fear

and powerlessness. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, he motivated listeners

with practical methods to begin conversations about Jesus without fear.

Attendees left empowered to share the story of how the gospel changed their


“The beauty of the conference is the way it instilled a new

mindset for evangelism,” said Pastor Scott Davis. “We have to get back to

fulfilling the Great Commission. At church we are often so busy, so caught up

in good things, that we neglect the best thing. Dennis taught the

church to not be so focused on technique, but on actually doing

something. Spiritual leaders or children can use these methods which are

simple and transferrable.”

During the first of four evening sessions, Dennis provided a

simple, biblical model and walked attendees through the composition of their

own story of how Jesus came into their lives. He encouraged people to go out

the following day and simply ask someone they encountered, “Can I read you my


Photo by Jonathan Turner

Dennis Nunn, founder of Living the New Life Ministries, drew a crowd at Pitts Baptist Church in Concord during his “Every Believer a Witness” series.

Attendees came back the following night amazed at people’s

responses to their non-threatening approach. On the second evening of the

conference, Dennis reminded attendees their responsibility is to simply share

the gospel and that God will change hearts.

Even though we should expect to face some opposition, there

is no pressure to perform; God simply wants us to share what He has done for

us. Using dozens of examples from his own life, Dennis spent the next session

presenting many practical, intentional ways to share your testimony. He gave

examples of entertaining and relaxed conversations he has instigated with

co-workers, hotel employees, servers, neighbors, friends and family. He taught

how to listen for openings to share the gospel and provided tips on how to

discuss faith in everyday life.

Davis is thrilled by the interest so many have shown. He

said, “The evidence that people were motivated was the great attendance each


The conference was well attended by all ages, and the

students of the church were especially engaged. One seventh-grader shared his

story with nine classmates. Gary Cline, a Sunday School teacher, had the

opportunity to hear Nunn train members of Mount Vernon Baptist in Boone last

year, and was anxious to invite him to Concord. Cline has found that the

training has helped him look for daily opportunities to share Jesus, and he

loves finding ways to connect with people.

Nunn developed the “Every Believer A Witness” training

seminar seven years ago to help create and maintain a culture of witnessing and

evangelism. He realized that 90 percent of Sunday morning “pew-sitters” were

not sharing their faith, and he never met a pastor who was satisfied with his

evangelism program. He claims, “We will never get the majority of our people

witnessing, and we will never fulfill the Great Commission, until our people

come to see evangelism as best done in a conversation rather than a


With his winsome personality and contagious enthusiasm, Dennis

teaches people how to start faith-based conversations every day. Pastor Davis

noticed that sharing the gospel is just “part of Dennis’ DNA.”

Nunn serves as a supportive coach to everyone he encounters,

modeling the principles he teaches. He traveled to the Eastern European country

of Moldova last year, and shared with 400 pastors who are now very anxious to

hear the full “Every Believer a Witness” seminar. As a result, Nunn’s materials

are being translated into Russian.

In November, Moldovan Pastor Victor Mirza will travel to the

United States to spend a week with Nunn, then return home to teach fellow

pastors. Visit livingthenewlife.org to learn more. The training can be taught

by a church’s senior pastor over six Sunday mornings, or can be taught by Nunn

in the Sunday through Wednesday “revival” format.

Members of Pitts Baptist have found that sharing the gospel

is easy, based on Nunn’s assertion that “everybody loves a story.” Simply

consider what your life was like before you met Jesus, how you came to accept

the gospel, and what Jesus Christ has done in your life since.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – Tara Willis is a freelance writer from

Charlotte and member of Hickory Grove Baptist Church.)