S. Baptists in Congress return to D.C.
Baptist Press
November 07, 2008

S. Baptists in Congress return to D.C.

S. Baptists in Congress return to D.C.
Baptist Press
November 07, 2008

WASHINGTON —No Southern Baptist members of Congress lost their seats in voting Nov. 4.

Both senators and all 23 representatives who are members of Southern Baptist churches and were on the general-election ballot gained victories.

Six Southern Baptists who are in the current Congress will not return to office, however.

Four members of the House of Representatives — Republicans Terry Everett of Alabama, Duncan Hunter of California, Ron Lewis of Kentucky and Chip Pickering of Mississippi — decided not to run for re-election. Hunter will leave after 14 terms in the House, Everett and Lewis both after eight terms, and Pickering after six.

Two members of the same Southern Baptist church faced off to fill Everett’s seat. Democrat Bobby Bright edged Republican Jay Love by less than 1,800 votes out of more than 286,000 ballots cast. Bright and Love are members of First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala.

Another Southern Baptist — Republican Steve Pearce of New Mexico — ran for the Senate but lost after three terms in the House.

First-term House member David Davis of Tennessee lost in the GOP primary earlier this year.

In the Senate, Republican Roger Wicker of Mississippi defeated a fellow Southern Baptist, Democrat Ronnie Musgrove, to win a special election for the seat formerly occupied by Sen. Trent Lott. Wicker is a member of First Baptist Church in Tupelo, Miss., while Musgrove is a member of First Baptist Church in Jackson. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour appointed Wicker to the seat last December after Lott retired.

Following is a list, as obtained by Baptist Press, of the ballot results for members of Southern Baptist churches who sought re-election to Congress. (The vote totals are from CNN’s web site as of the morning of Nov. 6. The number of precincts reporting varied from 95 to 100 percent. Some races had more than two candidates on the ballot, but CNN only included the top two finishers.)


Mississippi — Sen. Roger Wicker, Republican, First Baptist Church, Tupelo, defeated Ronnie Musgrove, Democrat, 646,394-522,419, 55-45 percent.

South Carolina — Lindsey Graham, R., seeking second term, Corinth B.C., Seneca, defeated Bob Conley, D., 1,051,002-773,940, 58-42 percent.

House of Representatives

Alabama — Rep. Spencer Bachus, R., Sixth District, seeking ninth term, Hunter Street B.C., Hoover, was unopposed.

Arizona — Rep. Trent Franks, R., Second District, seeking fourth term, North Phoenix B.C., Phoenix, defeated John Thrasher, D., 165,967-104,047, 60-37 percent.

Arkansas — Rep. John Boozman, R., Third District, seeking fifth term, First B.C., Rogers, was unopposed, according to CNN.

Florida — Vern Buchanan, R., 13th District, seeking second term, First B.C., Sarasota, defeated Christine Jennings, D., 201,440-136,233, 55-38 percent.

Georgia — Lynn Westmoreland, R., Third District, seeking third term, SouthCrest Church, Newman, defeated Stephen Camp, D., 224,856-117,380, 66-34 percent. Nathan Deal, R., Ninth District, seeking ninth term, First B.C., Gainesville, defeated Jeff Scott, D., 216,824-70,353, 76-24 percent. Paul Broun, R. 10th District, seeking second term, Prince Avenue B.C., Bogart, defeated Bobby Saxon, D., 177,109-114,463, 61-39 percent.

Kentucky — Rep. Harold Rogers, R., Fifth District, seeking 15th term, First B.C., Somerset, was unopposed, according to CNN.

Louisiana — Rep. Rodney Alexander, R., Fifth District, seeking fourth term, Sweetwater B.C., Quitman, was unopposed.

Maryland — Rep. Steny Hoyer, D., Fifth District, seeking 15th term, Broadview B.C., Temple Hills, defeated Collins Bailey, R., 210,628-72,213, 73-25 percent.

Missouri — Rep. Sam Graves, R., Sixth District, seeking fifth term, First B.C., Tarkio, defeated Kay Barnes, D., 196,309-121,729, 59-37 percent. Rep. Roy Blunt, R., Seventh District, seeking seventh term, First B.C., Branson, defeated Richard Monroe, D., 218,662-90,761, 68-28 percent.

North Carolina — Heath Shuler, D., 11th District, seeking second term, Biltmore B.C., Arden, defeated Carl Mumpower, R., 210,690-121,885, 62-36 percent.

Oklahoma — Rep. Frank Lucas, R., Third District, seeking ninth term, First B.C., Cheyenne, defeated Frankie Robbins, D., 184,246-62,278, 70-23 percent.

South Carolina — Rep. Henry Brown, R., First District, seeking fifth term, Cooper River B.C., North Charleston, defeated Linda Ketner, D., 175,768-162,341, 52-48 percent. Rep. Gresham Barrett, R., Third District, seeking fourth term, Westminster B.C., Westminster, defeated Jane Dyer, D., 186,004-101,121, 65-35 percent.

Tennessee — Rep. Zach Wamp, R., Third District, seeking eighth term, Red Bank B.C., Chattanooga, defeated Doug Vandagriff, D., 184,787-73,030, 69-28 percent. Rep. Lincoln Davis, D., Fourth District, seeking fourth term, Byrdstown First B.C., Byrdstown, defeated Monty Lankford, R., 146,701-94,414, 59-38 percent.

Texas — Rep. Louie Gohmert, R., First District, seeking third term, Green Acres B.C., Tyler, was unopposed, according to CNN. Rep. Al Green, D., Ninth District, seeking third term, Cullen Missionary B.C., Houston, was unopposed, according to CNN. Rep. Mike Conaway, R., 11th District, seeking third term, First B.C., Midland, was unopposed, according to CNN. Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R., 19th District, seeking fourth term, First B.C., Lubbock, defeated Dwight Fullingim, D., 168,126-57,852, 72-25 percent.

Virginia — Rep. Randy Forbes, R., Fourth District, seeking fifth term, Great Bridge B.C., Chesapeake, defeated Andrea Miller, D., 191,486-126,925, 60-40 percent.