Tweets see Luter as SBC pres.
Baptist Press
June 21, 2011

Tweets see Luter as SBC pres.

Tweets see Luter as SBC pres.
Baptist Press
June 21, 2011


— The next Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

annual meeting is a year away, but several leaders already are suggesting that

Fred Luter be the next SBC president.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary President Chuck Kelley, Southeastern

Baptist Theological Seminary President Daniel Akin and Union University

President David Dockery all have used their Twitter accounts to endorse the

idea, as has Russell D. Moore, dean of the school of theology at Southern

Baptist Theological Seminary.

After Akin announced June 7 he would nominate Luter as SBC

first vice president at the annual meeting in Phoenix,

Moore wrote in a Tweet, “And we

should elect him pres. next year in New Orleans.”

The next day, Akin wrote on his Twitter account, “Praying & believing it

could lead 2 more next year. Time is right!”

After Luter was elected first vice president, Dockery sent out a Tweet saying, “Good

day for SBC: 1st VP Fred Luter. Hope he will

be elected president next year in New Orleans!” Akin re-Tweeted Dockery’s entry

and added, “Amen!” That same day, Kelley wrote on his Twitter account, “Excited

Fred Luter elected First Vice President. Next year in New

Orleans we need to elect him president of SBC!”

Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue

Baptist Church

in New Orleans, is the first

African American elected as first vice president of the SBC.

The convention has never had an African American president.

Time magazine asked Luter about the buzz over a possible nomination. He said

his wife and his church would have to be on board.

“And of course God’s lead,” he said. “I’ve told people I’m going to enjoy this

year working with Dr. (Bryant) Wright, he’s a phenomenal president. I have no

agenda other than that, and one thing I have never done is politic for a

position.” Wright is the current SBC