Webinar to address media in missions
Jim Burton, Baptist Press
May 15, 2015

Webinar to address media in missions

Webinar to address media in missions
Jim Burton, Baptist Press
May 15, 2015

To help Southern Baptist communicators better utilize technology in spreading the gospel message, the International Mission Board (IMB) will conduct a three-day, worldwide interactive webinar called ConnectX.

It will meet June 8-10 for two hours each day, from 7-9 a.m., Eastern time.


For three-days, participants will have access to nine seminars. Presenters range from a Pulitzer Prize recipient, an internationally known expert in marketing and a former director of photography at National Geographic magazine.

Topics include ethics, relationships through social media, marketing to the heart to capture the mind and building a picture story. Presenters will speak for 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of open dialog by participants.

Individuals, small and large communications teams are invited to participate.

“It’s not just a come and listen event,” said Bill Bangham, IMB’s director for The Academy, a communications training service. “It is an exchange of ideas within a global community of communicators.”

Participants will be able to access the webinar through iPhones, iPads and computers. Android access is not yet available, but will be in the future.

The IMB has communication personnel scattered around the world. ConnectX is offered to support their professional growth, nurture and training, Bangham said. But it is also offered to churches, students and other professionals.

The webinar will address how gospel communication today is more savvy and diverse than ever before. Keeping up with technology changes, particularly in social media, is critical to reach much of the modern world.

The webinar’s format of two hours a day for three days, reflects how technology can change an international organization’s business model.

It’s possible for hundreds of people to participate in ConnectX and never leave their home or office, and they don’t have to be in the same time zone.

“Not all our participating personnel are in the United States,” Bangham said. “Most are in other parts of the world. So when we start at 7 a.m. on the East coast, it’s noon in London. And in parts of Asia it’s 6 p.m. Then there is everyone else in between.”

The cost for participation is $50. For members of Baptist Communicators Association (BCA) and International Mission Board personnel it is free. Registration closes May 27. Register online at: regonline.com/connectx.

Contact Bill Bangham at [email protected] or Jullianne Kramer [email protected].