Let us serve you
K. Allan Blume, BR Editor
July 25, 2016

Let us serve you

Let us serve you
K. Allan Blume, BR Editor
July 25, 2016

The Biblical Recorder has a unique ministry to the people in our Baptist churches, including everyone from the pastor and staff to the layman who only attends one church event each week (or less). We exist to inform. The news and information we provide is important to every person in your church. Our staff works diligently to serve you, but we are like all other Baptist agencies and institutions – we can’t serve you unless you let us. We can’t serve the people in your church if they don’t know about us.

We serve you, the local church. We provide a ministry to your church that no one else provides. Even the largest Southern Baptist church does not – and cannot – give their members what the Biblical Recorder produces every day.

Will you allow the Biblical Recorder to serve your church family? I want to list some very specific services we supply.

A church group subscription plan is very affordable. Set up a group plan to send the print edition of the Recorder to your church staff, deacons and Bible Study leaders. Some churches put the group subscription plan in their budget. The return on your investment will be strong. I believe it will prove to be very valuable to your church and to kingdom ministry around the world.

For those who prefer their news in a digital format, the digital edition of the Recorder is about one-third the cost of the printed paper. You can provide 20 people in your church with access to the digital edition for $100 per year.

The digital edition is a PDF of the printed issue, but it is accessed online and it has links within every article and every advertisement.

Would you like to see a free sample of the digital edition? Go to BRnow.org/digital and scroll slightly down to where you see, “Want to preview a copy of the digital edition? Click here.” Browse through the newspaper.

With a paid subscription you can see previous editions over the past three years.

Did you know that if you have a paid subscription to the print edition, each subscriber is entitled to free access to the digital edition? That’s right – two for the price of one. Take advantage of this great offer!

Here is another free offer you may not know about. Anyone who joins a North Carolina Baptist church and comes from a non-Baptist background is entitled to a free subscription to the Recorder for one year – both in print and in the digital format. Pastors report that many people are joining our churches who know nothing about Southern Baptists and North Carolina Baptists. Some came out of other denominations or independent churches. Others recently came to know Jesus as their Savior, so they have no religious background. The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina believes strongly that these “new Baptists” will benefit greatly from reading the Recorder, so the convention is providing this subscription as a ministry to your church.

How many members of your church use e-mail regularly? Do they know about the FREE BRweekly e-newsletter? Every Wednesday morning we send the BRweekly to anyone who signs up. This news piece is designed to call attention to some of the valuable highlights of the week’s news. It’s a Readers Digest of the news so you won’t miss something important.

We know that pastors and church staff are busy. The same is true of most church members. So, let us help you. Ask your church family to sign up for the free BRweekly. Send your list of the names and email address of all who want to get this weekly update. Or go to BRnow.org/BRweekly and enter your name and email. Tell everyone in your Bible study group about this helpful resource.

We believe God is glorified when His church is strong, healthy and living out both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. So, your Biblical Recorder staff works diligently to provide church leaders with accurate news, interesting stories and vital information to that end.

We inform church leaders so they can lead the church and community better. No other news source is doing what we do. We inform church members and attenders so they will be strong Christian citizens in this challenging culture, and so they will be healthy, active supporters of the local church.

We belong to North Carolina Baptists and are accountable to you. Our board members are members of your churches all across the state. The news we report is tailored to meet the needs of our Baptist audience. We write from the perspective of a Christian worldview with a focus on the Great Commission. We report news about your Southern Baptist and North Carolina Baptist mission agencies, seminaries and related entities.

In short, we are here for you – at least for now. Please use us and let us serve you so we can remain a vital part of Kingdom work in challenging times. We want to serve you for many years to come.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel.

For more information or help with any of the Biblical Recorder services described above, please contact our circulation manager, Liz Tablazon, at (919) 459-5693 or [email protected].