Are we fulfilling our vision?
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
February 01, 2011

Are we fulfilling our vision?

Are we fulfilling our vision?
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
February 01, 2011

If you have ever heard me speak in your church, or
associational meeting, or during an annual meeting of the Baptist State
Convention of North Carolina (BSC), you have probably heard me share a vision
statement God laid on my heart several years ago. I speak of this vision so
often I sometimes say to our staff at the Baptist Building that I want them to
know this statement so well they can quote it at a moment’s notice!

The vision God laid on my heart for this state Convention is
this: “By God’s grace, we will become the strongest force in the history of
this Convention for reaching people with the message of the gospel of the Lord
Jesus Christ.”

I truly believe this will not just be a vision statement,
but a reality for this Convention, if we commit ourselves to making an eternal
impact for His glory. This vision God gave me is best explained in the Seven
Pillars for Ministry

I am sure many of you are familiar with the seven pillars,
but if you are not, they are seven biblical concepts I believe to be the
Christ-centered vision for our Convention.

The seven pillars focus on: fervent prayer, evangelism and
church growth, strengthening existing churches, planting new multiplication
churches, increasing our work with the international community, escalating our
use of technology, and reclaiming the younger generation of church leaders.

My prayer is that this state Convention will be faithful to
fulfilling the vision God has given us as we seek to make sure these seven
pillars, these seven core values, guide our ministry.

A Vision Fulfillment Committee (VFC) was established during
the September 2010 Board of Directors meeting to help us better understand how
we are doing in accomplishing these seven biblical concepts for ministry. The
Board gave the committee this task: “Conduct a study across North Carolina in
2011 of partner churches’ perceptions of the BSC’s effectiveness in funding and
implementing the BSC’s vision, as set forth in the Seven Pillars for Ministry.”

In order to do this, the VFC is holding 14 forums from
February through July. The first is just a few days from now on Feb. 10 at
Scotts Hill Baptist Church in Wilmington. Please come to a forum and bring
others from your church with you. Please come and share with us what you think
about the effectiveness and value of our current ministries, as well as how you
think we should prioritize our ministries for the future. We want to hear from
as many North Carolina Baptists as possible.

As I told North Carolina Baptist pastors and church leaders
in a letter not long ago, scripture makes it clear that the church is the
entity instituted by Christ to reach the world and make disciples. We want to
help you do that. This is why we are hosting these forums, and why I ask you to
please join us.

You can learn more about the forums by visiting:

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