Caraway ready for new beginnings
Milton A. Hollifield Jr. , BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
February 15, 2011

Caraway ready for new beginnings

Caraway ready for new beginnings
Milton A. Hollifield Jr. , BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
February 15, 2011

Our North Carolina Baptist camps and conference centers are
places where God has intersected the life of numerous people across this state.
This is where many people heard God call them into full-time vocational
ministry or where they rededicated their life to God. Some North Carolina
Baptists will tell you how they received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord
and Savior during a summer camp. Others will say they were first discipled and
taught God’s Word during a special retreat. Still, others may say that they
simply heard the Lord speak; they encountered God while visiting one of these
special places.

Caraway Conference Center and Camp, settled in the beautiful
Uwharrie Mountains near Asheboro, is a place where lives are truly changed.
Each summer more than 1,000 campers attend the boy’s camp and enjoy activities
such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, ropes course challenges and, most
importantly, teaching from God’s Word. The conference center hosts guests
year-round for conferences, training, retreats and times of fellowship.

is where the Convention’s Board of Directors convene in addition to many
significant committees and lots of Convention training programs.

You may remember hearing from Caraway director Jimmy Huffman
during our 2010 annual meeting in Greensboro about a $7.5-million capital campaign.
In order to continue providing excellent service and ministry opportunities
Caraway must expand its current facilities. Funds from this capital campaign,
scheduled to conclude in 2013 with Caraway’s 50th anniversary, will go toward
projects such as expanding the conference center, building an indoor
multi-purpose recreational center, and building a 250-seat auditorium and
30-bed lodge.

Feb. 27 is being designated as a special Sunday for churches
to receive an offering for the Caraway capital campaign. I hope you will
consider receiving this offering on this Sunday and will encourage your church
members to give generously.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Why a capital campaign
now? Times are tough. Look at our economy. Is this the right time to be doing
something like this?” I really do understand those concerns. Yet, I also know
that when God gives a clear vision, our responsibility is to be obedient and
trust Him to provide. He has already entrusted us with the financial resources. They are in our personal possession.
Will you give what God asks you to give?

This campaign is being called “New Beginnings.” When you
think about all the lives that have been changed as a result of Caraway’s
ministry up to this point you cannot begin to imagine the powerful impact
Caraway will have in the future for His kingdom.

As you give to support this expansion you are investing in
something far greater than mere buildings and physical structures made by human
hands. You are investing in a plan to create larger opportunities for ministry,
which will in turn create more opportunities for the gospel of Jesus Christ to
be shared and for His Word to be taught.

If you would like to learn more about Caraway and the
capital campaign you can visit blog.caraway.org.

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