For Your Work in Haiti: Thank You
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
April 05, 2010

For Your Work in Haiti: Thank You

For Your Work in Haiti: Thank You
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
April 05, 2010

When tragedy strikes, such
as the earthquake in Haiti, our hearts are gripped by the photos we see on
television and the videos of people searching under the rubble for family
members. The cry for help rings out and we respond, eager to do something,
anything, to help.

Yet, time passes and the
media coverage lessens.

The live reports are fewer
and the newspapers have moved on to the next natural disaster. Aren’t most of
us tempted to react the same way? Enthusiastic in the beginning about giving
people in need our attention, but then little by little, without really meaning
to, moving on and forgetting all about it?

I am so grateful that North
Carolina Baptists have not forgotten about the Haitian people. At the time I am
submitting this column, N.C. Baptist Men has sent at least 12 volunteer teams,
representing 150 volunteers, to Haiti.

These medical teams worked
around the clock seeing patients and saving lives. North Carolina Baptists sent
12,532 “Buckets of Hope” to Haiti. Each bucket will feed a family in Haiti for
one week. Our goal was to send 10,000 buckets — thank you North Carolina
Baptists for giving so generously. You will provide food for at least 526,344
meals in Haiti.

Richard Brunson, executive
director of N.C. Baptist Men, said from the outset and continues to say that
North Carolina Baptists will be in Haiti for a long time. Scott and Janet
Daughtry arrived in Haiti Feb. 2 to serve as our long-term coordinators in
Haiti. The first phase of our aid in Haiti has been primarily medical. As we
continue our work more teams will help with construction projects.

I want to say thank you to
North Carolina Baptists for your dedication to serving others. You have
sacrificed time with your families to go serve in Haiti. You have sacrificed
financially to make this work possible. You have been diligent in praying for
those going to serve, as well as those who are being served.

The Florida Baptist
Convention is heavily involved in relief and evangelism efforts in Haiti. They
have been ministering for 15 years as the Southern Baptist presence in Haiti.

Recently I received
expressions of appreciation from Dr. John Sullivan and Dr. Cecil Seagle of the
Florida Baptist Convention for all that North Carolina Baptists are doing to
help. Their convention is reporting that more than 58,000 people have accepted
Christ since the earthquake hit.

As you continue to give
financially while others go, please pray that many more people in Haiti will
hear the gospel and accept Jesus as their Savior. Also, be praying for the
Christians in Haiti that God would use this time to strengthen their faith and
that their faithfulness to Him will be a positive testimony to the

“…inasmuch as ye have done
it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matt.