It’s time to draw near
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
March 14, 2011

It’s time to draw near

It’s time to draw near
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
March 14, 2011

A few weeks ago an article was published on the Convention
web site and in the Biblical Recorder about the congregation of Lake
Norman Baptist Church in Huntersville reading through the Bible together in one

I am always encouraged when I hear stories of how local
churches are serious about growing in their knowledge of the Lord and in their
relationship with Him.

As you know, our Find it Here emphasis this year is
discipleship. I do not believe we can talk about discipleship apart from
considering our personal time alone with God.

We can have excellent mentors and great Bible study leaders.
We can enjoy praying with family and friends. We can listen to wonderful
preaching every week — but we cannot use any of that as a substitute for our
own personal time alone with God.

Spending time with God is a priority in my life and it
should be a part of a daily routine for each of us.
But please, never consider time with God as something that
is just part of a routine. Your time with God is so much more than that.

When you take time to fellowship with God on a regular basis
you grow in your understanding about His heart and His character. It is the
time when God can speak to you, give you wisdom and teach you timeless truths.

Reading the scriptures is also a priority for me.

The Bible is inspired (God breathed) truth without any
mixture of error.

It is rich with treasures that God wants to root firmly and
deeply within our hearts. With an open Bible before you, pause and meditate on
the words you read.

Reflect on the goodness, grace and power of God. Praise Him
for all that He is and thank Him for all that He does. You will discover that
it is both interesting and delightful when the Holy Spirit enlightens your
understanding of a scripture passage in a special way when you are alone with
Are you aware that God can speak to us when we listen in the
place of prayer? But always remember that His spoken word will never contradict
His written word!

How generous of our Father to allow us to draw near to Him at
any moment, day or night, through prayer. Prayer really is a privilege with

It should come as no surprise when we discover that the evil
one will use every tool he can to keep us from spending time alone with our
Father in heaven. He recognizes that great spiritual power is available when we
consistently spend time with God through Bible study and prayer.

Don’t miss out on the abundance of blessings that are yours
when you seek after God.
Draw near to Him today.

LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in
truth.” Psalm 145:18

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