New things
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
January 11, 2010

New things

New things
Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC Executive Director-Treasurer
January 11, 2010

There is something refreshing about the term “new” because
it reminds us that things do not always have to be the same. God has always
been in the business of doing new things. Through the process of salvation God
redeems and transforms sinful human beings into new creatures in Christ Jesus
(2 Cor. 5:17) and we walk with Him in a new relationship.

On Monday, January 4, we had our first staff chapel service
of the new year in the Baptist Building in Cary. Most Mondays, we are blessed
as one of our North Carolina Baptist pastors, a member of our Board of
Directors or someone from an entity of the SBC, preaches during this service.
However, we utilized the most recent staff chapel service for a special time of
worship and prayer led by some of our staff as we focused on Kingdom prayer as
presented in Matt. 6:9-10. I wish you could have been present to hear members
of your convention staff pouring their hearts out before God as they worshipped,
privately confessed sin, petitioned God to send a new spiritual movement in our
midst and made commitments to walk closer with God during this new year. They
prayed for the needs of our churches, North Carolina Baptists and the
ministries God has called us to fulfill. They interceded in prayer on behalf of
people who faced recent tragedies and they prayed for the spiritual needs of
others. God manifested His presence during that service and we left with a new
sense of spiritual refreshment because we experienced God’s presence.

In this new year, I invite you to practice the discipline of
spending time each day in the place of prayer alone with God. Jesus had some
particular prayer habits. Scripture refers, at times, to a “certain place” that
Jesus went to be alone in communion with His Father. We also read how He
sometimes got up before daybreak to be alone in the place of prayer with His
Father. We even read how He prayed all night when He faced major decisions. If
prayer was that important in the life and ministry of Jesus, how important it
is that we discipline ourselves to have regular, uninterrupted times of
communion and fellowship with our heavenly father. I challenge you to get alone
with God in your place of prayer and invite Him to speak through His written
Word. Offer words of adoration and praise as you reflect on the ways God has
blessed you. Linger in silence until you begin to sense His manifested
presence. You will recognize that gradually you begin to develop a new
attitude, because when we spend unhurried time in His presence, it makes a
difference in our attitude toward God and others.

“Behold, I will do a new thing … I will even make a way in
the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19