Christian Action League: ‘a trusted resource’
Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
June 30, 2015

Christian Action League: ‘a trusted resource’

Christian Action League: ‘a trusted resource’
Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
June 30, 2015

The Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee of the Baptist State Convention encourages pastors and church leaders to make an intentional effort to read, pray and engage in matters of public policy in their communities.

Many communities across our state are wrestling with any number of matters that impact families, schools and sometimes even churches. Christians should not shy away from speaking into these debates and entering the public conversation.

Keeping up with the items on the agenda for a town council, county school board or county commissioners is often a straightforward process.

However, to do so regarding the public policy debates that take place in the General Assembly in Raleigh requires greater effort.

Tracking the introduction of bills, their movement through various committees and the debate of issues important to North Carolina Baptists is more difficult in Raleigh simply due to the speed with which the General Assembly approaches its work today.

The ability to stay informed and respond in a timely manner to matters of public policy under consideration in the General Assembly requires an individual to devote a significant amount of time and effort to these matters.

It is difficult for any single church alone to give the attention needed to these matters; they need a trusted resource upon whom they can call for information and analysis. It is at this important juncture that the Christian Action League of North Carolina (CAL) deserves the attention, the consideration and the support of churches and individuals from across the state.

Under the capable leadership of executive director Mark Creech, CAL is the trusted source for Christians seeking to understand and interpret the impact and effect of legislation and policy being discussed by the General Assembly.

CAL staff understands the conviction of pastors, the position of churches and the admonition of our Lord to be “salt and light” in a world that is growing darker by the day. CAL analyzes the public policy issues of the day through the lens of a Christian worldview.

While pastors are engaged in the difficult work of ministry, the staff of CAL is working on their behalf in the General Assembly.

But it’s not just to the General Assembly in Raleigh to which CAL is watching and listening.

As matters of importance come before county commissioners and other local bodies, CAL shares this information. It’s not uncommon for an issue that is being debated in one community to surface on the agenda in another community shortly thereafter.

Because CAL is doing such important work on behalf of Christians across our state, we’re asking that you join us in doing three things to support CAL and introduce others to the important work of the organization.

First, please pray for Mark Creech, the board of the directors and the staff of CAL. Ask that God will provide them wisdom, discernment and favor in the eyes of the members of our General Assembly. Pray that they will stand boldly upon biblical truth, yet communicate these truths with Christian grace, and in all things extend and express Christ’s love.

Second, invite Mark Creech to preach in your church, speak to a group in your congregation or meet with you and your church leaders.

You’ll appreciate the depth of Mark’s understanding of the legislative process, be encouraged by his testimony of how God is working among of the members of the General Assembly and better understand the mission, vision and values of CAL.

Third, support the work of CAL. The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina was instrumental in founding CAL and has always financially supported the organization.

However, the support from churches and individuals is essential. Consider leading your church to place CAL in your annual budget.

Even gifts of $100 per year from pastors and other individuals, when multiplied over the 4,300 churches of our convention, will have a great impact on the ability of CAL to fulfill its mission.

Thank you for all that you’re doing to impact your communities, make disciples, shine the light and show the love of Christ in your community.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – CAL is a non-profit organization, but due to the nature of its work, gifts to CAL are not tax deductible.)