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  • Every church can evangelize

    September 29 2016 by Ernest L. Easley | with 0 comments

    Every church can evangelize, including yours! Ernest L. Easley Sadly, it can be easier to find a reason for not evangelizing than to find a path for evangelizing.

  • The times in which we live

    September 28 2016 by Rudy Gray | with 0 comments

    There was a time when Americans associated America with freedom. Today, we have lost touch with the concept of real freedom and have begun to think of it as the right to do as you please rather than the power and insight to do what is right.   Our culture has embraced the idea that truth is not absolute, but relative; subjective, not objective; and self-centered, rather than God-centered.

  • Mindsets, ideologies & truth

    September 27 2016 by Ronnie Floyd | with 0 comments

    The collision of mindsets and ideologies in America is real. Regardless of what our nation experiences or discusses, these varying mindsets and ideologies surface and collide. READ MORE

  • We are family

    September 26 2016 by Randy Adams | with 0 comments

    If you’re over 50 the phrase “we are family” might bring the Sister Sledge pop song from 1979 to mind. But recent events have reminded me that Baptists indeed are family. READ MORE

  • Evangelistic pastors

    September 23 2016 by Chuck Lawless | with 0 comments

    In nearly 20 years of studying churches in North America, I have yet to find an evangelistic church that was not led by a strongly evangelistic pastor. Here are some general characteristics I’ve seen in these pastors: READ MORE

  • Pastor, love your Baptist association

    September 22 2016 by Roger P. Freeman | with 0 comments

    The missions strategy for Southern Baptist Convention ministry through our churches is found in Acts 1:8, in which Jesus states: READ MORE

  • Reaching students – in their own words

    September 21 2016 by Shane Pruitt | with 0 comments

    One of the things I love most about young people is if you want to know what they’re thinking, all you have to do is ask them. Sometimes, you don’t even have to ask. READ MORE

  • Your Facebook identity

    September 16 2016 by David Jeremiah | with 0 comments

    When Mark Zuckerberg was a teenager at Phillips Exeter Academy, he kept up with students’ names and faces by using a “face book” – a booklet published annually containing the names and pictures of students and faculty. READ MORE

  • The breathtaking hypocrisy of the NCAA

    September 15 2016 by N.C. Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam | with 0 comments

    Citing a commitment to “fairness and inclusion,” the NCAA announced September 12 that it will move seven championship events out of North Carolina during the 2016-17 school year.    The hypocrisy of the NCAA’s “commitment” is breathtaking.

  • Competing slogans

    September 14 2016 by David Hutchison | with 0 comments

    Tragic events over the last few years have led to significant discussions in our country regarding justice, spawning competing slogans such as “Black Lives Matter,” “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter. ” READ MORE

  • Risking everything

    September 13 2016 by Mark Snowden | with 0 comments

    After interviewing five men from Central Asia in refugee camps, I asked them what would attract them to actually listen to Bible stories on the radio. After suggesting five or six options, I asked, “Would you listen to conversion testimonies from Muslims, even Muslim religious leaders?” READ MORE

  • After the vote

    September 12 2016 by Diana Davis | with 0 comments

    After we prayerfully vote for our government leaders, Christians have a further responsibility to pray for those who are elected. Here’s a fresh idea for a church or a small group to impact our communities and our nation. READ MORE

  • Gene Wilder & Dad

    September 9 2016 by Phil Boatwright | with 1 comments

    Every few days we read of the death of a celebrity like Gene Wilder on Aug. 29 or a past world leader or someone who often made the headlines. Thousands of non-headliners, meanwhile, die every day, with no newscast reports on them. READ MORE

  • Pastor, be true to God and yourself

    September 8 2016 by Daryl C. Cornett | with 0 comments

    I believe a pastor often wrestles with his own identity because of the desire to be a successful pastor. Invariably, pastors experience the pain of comparison and the pressure of producing quantifiable results (i. e. , more attendance, more baptisms, bigger budget, etc.

  • 9/11: Focused prayer during church worship services

    September 7 2016 by Ronnie Floyd | with 0 comments

    As a people of faith, many followers of Christ would love to see prayer become part of our schools in America again. But I would suggest we first bring prayer back into the churches of America. The vast majority of churches in America give more time in their worship services to promoting their next event than they give to practicing prayer.

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