Christian, you have what it takes to evangelize

Katie McCoy, SWBTS
July 31 2020

Three faculty members at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary discuss personal evangelism in a video resource called "Ministry Now." read more


Teachers make a difference. Let's pray for them.

Kevin Shrum
July 30 2020

Everyone has one, and mine was Mrs. Barbara Brockett. She was my public high school history and government teacher. And though I am approaching the end of a second doctorate, Mrs. Brockett impacted my life in monumental ways like no other teacher I've ever had... read more


The apostle Paul’s response to our ‘cancel culture’

J.D. Greear, SBC President
July 28 2020

Recently, I typed in "how to be happy" on our collective consciousness, Google, and one of the first articles was "Three Ways to Be Happy Always." Quite a claim. This article had some legitimately good advice, but it was sprinkled in among some proverbs that were less than helpful... read more


Seismic change

Douglas Falknor, First Baptist Church, Fayetteville, Ark.
July 27 2020

I confess that I can be a news junkie. When major world events occur, they can capture my attention and time as I read articles from different points of view to try and understand what is happening and why... read more


Pause before posting

Brandon Porter, Kentucky Today
July 24 2020

Everywhere I turn people are talking. In some places they're even talking about how people are talking. Have you heard it? I hear people say things like: Everyone is looking for a reason to be offended... read more