A fresh start with VBS

Jack Lucas, Illinois Baptist State Association
May 07 2021

In 2020, churches of the Illinois Baptist State Association reported a drastic decline in Vacation Bible School (VBS) enrollment. Churches saw 73 fewer people participate in VBS due to pandemic-related shutdowns... read more


Leadership lessons from Coach Williams’ retirement press conference

Chris Hefner, Wilkesboro Baptist Church
May 06 2021

I’ve been a UNC basketball fan ever since my family moved from Kentucky to North Carolina in 1985. My dad began cheering for the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team when he moved there for Bible College... read more


Faith networks and public health: Twins separated at birth

Gary Gunderson, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
May 06 2021

People of faith and those in public health are being led to thinking they are enemies, which serves only those who want the public fractured. In fact, people of faith have always been involved in public health... read more


Becoming a missionary to reach the next generation

Bobby Braswell, Middle Baptist Association, Ga.
May 05 2021

Here’s some disheartening data: “If you were born between 1925 and 1945 there’s a 60% chance, you’re in a church today. If you were born between 1946 and 1964 there’s a 40% chance, you’re in a church today... read more


After the ‘three-year pandemic’

Eric Reed, Illinois Baptist
May 04 2021

The stories we hear right now are anecdotal – churches here and there witnessing something of a revival after months of closure and privation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some pundits warned that it may take years for all the regulars to return to church services, if they ever do... read more