Looking in the rearview mirror

Richard Hipps, Trinity Baptist Church
January 22 2021

A few years ago, a church member’s mother from North Carolina visited our church in Tennessee. When I introduced myself, she asked, “Pastor, do you remember a woman named Lois Pendley?” I replied, “Yes, I do... read more


How to pray for President Biden, Vice President Harris and Congress

Ronnie Floyd, SBC EC President
January 21 2021

As Christians, we have a responsibility to pray for the leaders of our nation. Regardless of the president’s political party or positions on various issues, I have been faithful to pray for each president and vice president for decades... read more


Heard from the kids lately?

Eric Reed, Illinois Baptist
January 20 2021

The first time I recall feeling old I was only 34. I was the pastor, and the youth minister, a decade younger, had let me know by some word or look that I was not in touch with what the students were thinking on a particular issue... read more


Born in darkness, live in Light

IMB Communications
January 19 2021

I was born into darkness. The interesting thing is that I did not really know it was dark. I don’t think you can comprehend the difference between darkness and light until you have truly seen light... read more


Out of many, one

Ronnie Floyd, SBC EC President
January 18 2021

When the 13 colonies joined together, we became known as the United States of America. A new nation was born. Victory over the British occurred because these 13 colonies did not fight as many, but as one... read more