African American churches find missionary connections

Richard and Karen Lee, IMB
July 27 2021

When African American Southern Baptists picture missionaries, they often think about the pictures of missionaries they’ve seen – and few look like them.   Many of our churches don’t associate International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries with being African American, so they are pleasantly surprised when they meet us... read more


The prayer assignment: A laser focus

Kie Bowman, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
July 27 2021

Southern Baptists believe in prayer. And while most of us readily admit our own prayer lives could improve, we are, nevertheless, a praying people. In June, Southern Baptists took another important step in affirming our dependence upon the power of prayer... read more


Getting to the edge of lostness

Paul Chitwood, IMB President
July 26 2021

Matthew 24:14 records these words of our Lord: “This gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Because Southern Baptists are committed to a foundation built upon the Word of God, our International Mission Board (IMB) embraces biblical missiology... read more


5 ways I witnessed God at work at camp

Aaron Wilson, Lifeway Christian Resources
July 23 2021

Last week I spent five days serving as a chaperone with my church at Lifeway’s CentriKid camp. It was my 10-year-old twins’ first experience at camp and one of my first times back since I proposed to my wife at a Lifeway camp around 16 years ago... read more


Make joy your first choice

Kailyn Eskridge, BSC
July 21 2021

The world around us is dark. It is so easy for our joy to seep slowly out of us as we observe the sin that surrounds us. Five minutes scrolling through a news site or reading the local paper shows us more than enough to make us stick our heads in the sand just to make it through the day... read more