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No spiritual participation trophies

Brian Branum, Liberty Baptist Church
September 18 2020

At the end of the season in youth league sports, everybody gets a trophy. From the first-place team to the last-place team, the coach hands every kid a shiny piece of plastic that says, “thanks for playing... read more


The compassionate Christ

David Jeremiah, Turning Point
September 17 2020

“Pietàs” – sculptures of Mary grieving over her crucified Son – were so called because of the meaning of pietà in Italian: “compassion.” Other English words for pietà are “mercy, pity and piety,” all of which are conveyed when one gazes upon Michelangelo’s Pietà... read more


Kevin Smith discusses the church and racism

Christ Community Church
September 16 2020

"Christians should come into a conversation like this from the scripture," Kevin Smith said. read more


Thoughts on (soul) winning with Bobby Bowden

Paul Chitwood, IMB
September 16 2020

“Is winning everything?” I asked. “No. But winning is important. If you don’t win, they fire you,” replied Coach Bowden. Bobby Bowden coached football for more than 50 years. Over the course of 34 seasons as head coach of the Florida State Seminoles, his teams won 12 conference championships and two national championships... read more


Civility is not enough

Russell Moore, ERLC
September 15 2020

I visibly cringe every time the word “civility” is used around me. I hate it. On the face of it, “civility” is one of those things that everyone supports – like “patriotism” or “family” or “honor... read more