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The greatest evangelism initiative of the modern age

Roger Alford, Christian Index
June 11 2021

The rapid fire of a gun broke the silence, and a vibrant Christian, bleeding from multiple wounds, took his last breath. Islamic militants, angry that the gospel had taken hold in their village, had gone on a deadly shooting rampage to try to stamp it out... read more


Encouragement through a local church connection

Drew Moss, IMB
June 09 2021

My family’s involvement in Church Connections has provided opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships to be formed between our family and Southern Baptist churches. Through these new relationships, we have been encouraged, prayed over and sent out as we walked through a difficult season of transition to a new field of service in northwest London... read more


Praying for a new college missionary movement

Nathan Finn, North Greenville University
June 08 2021

Historians call the final quarter of the 19th century the Gilded Age, a term originally coined by Mark Twain. It was an era characterized by unprecedented industrialization, spurred on especially by the expansion of the railroad industry... read more


Dear Southern Baptist

Matt Henslee, Mayhill Baptist Church
June 07 2021

As we approach #SBC21 in Nashville, I am writing this letter to you – yes, you. I am also writing it to me. By now, you know there’ll be a SEND Conference on Sunday and Monday, our annual meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, and many events and exhibits to take in along the way (if you do not, click here)... read more


Deconstructing deconversion

Kevin Shrum, Inglewood Baptist Church
June 04 2021

It has happened again. A prominent “Christian” artist has deconverted from the Christian faith. What is happening? Deconversion is not new. A handful of “believers” have abjured the faith, especially if persecution was present or on the horizon... read more