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Life in the NICU

Rebecca Manry, Baptist Press
January 14 2021

I have believed in the sanctity of human life for as long as I’ve been a follower of Christ. I don’t think I’ve ever felt those truths more intensely than when our daughter was in the NICU last year... read more


How to share Christ with Latter-day Saints

Travis Kerns, SWBTS
January 12 2021

Sharing the message of Christ can be one of the most difficult and intimidating aspects of the Christian life. Here’s the good news: Jesus has already won the war because He indeed rose from the grave and we are charged with sharing that story, not with conversion... read more


Agents of reconciliation in 2021

David S. Dockery, SWBTS
January 08 2021

Perhaps in recent weeks you have been given the opportunity to sing “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” one of Charles Wesley’s great Christmas carols. The angels sing, “Glory to the newborn King: peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled... read more


A story that changed my life forever

Joe McKeever, Baptist Press
January 07 2021

The International Mission Board’s The Commission magazine ceased publication years ago. But an article in one issue changed my life forever. It was so tiny, I’m confident that the person who dropped it in had no idea how powerful it was and no inkling of how God would use it... read more


What the Biden presidency means for the pro-life movement

Josh Wester, ERLC
January 06 2021

As the nation waits for Joe Biden to take the oath of office on Jan. 20, the issue of life is on the minds of many Southern Baptists. Defending the sanctity of every human life and protecting children in the womb has, for decades, been at the center of Southern Baptist social teaching and political engagement... read more