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Conference to emphasize ‘Gospel Above All’

Milton A. Hollifield Jr., BSC executive director-treasurer
January 21 2020

There is nothing more important in life than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to hear the gospel, and as followers of Christ, we never outgrow our need for the gospel. The message of Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection is both life-changing and life-altering... read more


Global sporting events provide opportunity in Japan

Caroline Anderson, IMB
January 21 2020

Global sporting events bring nations together. Yes, rivals banter and boo, but myriad nations gathering because of a common love is also a beautiful sight. Sports bring about a quirky unity and solidarity... read more


What’s happening with N.C. Baptist disaster relief?

Seth Brown, BR Executive Editor
January 20 2020

Recently, I traveled to the eastern part of North Carolina to see the ongoing disaster relief efforts of Baptists on Mission. They continue to deploy teams in the wake of Hurricane Florence, a storm that wreaked havoc on the area in 2018... read more


Impeachment, the 2020 election cycle and the church

Chris Hefner, Wilkesboro Baptist Church
January 17 2020

Even with the political divisions in our country, it should be our aim as pastors and evangelicals to prioritize the gospel of Jesus Christ and diminish, as much as possible, the division politics causes in the body of Christ... read more


Awakening in the Land of the Rising Sun

Bryan Pittman, Lee Road Baptist Church
January 16 2020

The sun shines on the moat of the Japanese Imperial Palace in Tokyo, with the Sakurada Tatsumi Yagura watchtower in the foreground and the modern skyscrapers of the Akasaka district in the background... read more