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We must not be silent on racism

Ronnie Floyd, SBC president and CEO
June 03 2020

These recent days in American life have truly been difficult. We have witnessed with our own eyes, in the streets of one of our major cities, a black man being murdered slowly and cruelly. Over the course of a long eight minutes, George Floyd cried out for help and mercy while a white police officer continued to place his knee over this black man's neck as his face was forced onto the pavement... read more


Not all doctrinal disagreements stem from 'false doctrines'

Rhyne Putman, NOBTS
June 02 2020

If I may botch the words of Benjamin Franklin, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and Christians fighting over doctrine." Until the Lord returns, theological disagreement is an inevitability, even among evangelical Christians who affirm the same gospel and appeal to the same inerrant authority in scripture... read more


A personal resolution

Josh Powell, South Carolina Baptist Convention
June 01 2020

I hesitate to write this for fear of being misunderstood, and it is not in any official capacity that the following is offered. I am writing this simply as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and seeking nothing more than to be faithful to the Word of God and devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ... read more


Prayer is the most essential element for reopening

Bill Elliff, The Summit Church
May 29 2020

Every church in America (and across the world) is making decisions about reopening after the recent months of COVID-19 restrictions. We are developing many practical plans, as we should. But in all of our planning, are we praying? Are we crying out to the head of the Church to give us His mind? One of God's agendas these days is for us to come fully, humbly back to Him... read more


Image-bearers of God

Marshal Ausberry, SBC first vice president
May 28 2020

“We pray, we lament before God, we ask God for a healing of an ever-growing racial divide.” read more