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Champion your pastor in October

Ronnie Floyd, SBC Executive Committee President
September 20 2021

The month of October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is the time to champion your pastor. Pastors are God-called servant-leaders who feed the people of God through the ministry of preaching the Bible and lead the people of God by providing spiritual oversight of the church... read more


5 things I’ve learned about children’s ministry and volunteers

Willis Deitz, Pleasant Valley Community Church
September 17 2021

Willis Deitz shares some things he's learned that help staff classrooms with able and trusted people and allow leaders to flourish and enjoy serving in ministry. read more


What do you see?

David Jeremiah, Turning Point
September 15 2021

Caitlin McNeil, a 21-year-old Scottish singer, and her friends couldn’t agree about the color of a dress they saw on the Internet. Some in their group saw the dress with blue and black horizontal stripes while others saw the stripes as white and gold... read more


Does justice or profit drive abortion?

Andrew Walker, SBTS
September 13 2021

By now, the controversy in Texas over the Supreme Court allowing its near total ban on abortion to take effect has become part of the public ether. For some, the current moment offers a foretaste of what a post-Roe world could look like... read more


As legal landscape around abortion changes, so do ministry needs

Dana Hall McCain, Baptist Press
September 08 2021

Pro-life advocates across the nation cheered the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow a Texas law banning abortion after six weeks to stand. While the unusual law will undoubtedly face additional legal challenges in the coming weeks and months, it has reduced the number of abortions performed in the nation’s second-largest state significantly for now... read more