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North Carolina


An invitation outside clarified North Carolina pastor’s call to multi-ethnic outreach

Scott Barkley, Baptist Press
November 30 2021

It’s something Quintell Hill loves to do. His preparation is meticulous, his excitement causing him to lose sleep occasionally. He’s pursued it with reckless abandon and at other times learned the best way to proceed is with caution and patience... read more


Southeastern’s College prison program receives Seminary of the Year award

Lauren Pratt, SEBTS
November 24 2021

The College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s (SEBTS) North Carolina Field Minister Program (NCFMP) is honored to have recently received the Seminary of the Year Award from the Prison Seminaries Foundation (PSF) during the 3rd Annual Partners in Moral Rehabilitation Conference... read more


‘A holy moment’: SEBTS gifted ancient Torah scroll from nonprofit ministry

Lauren Pratt, SEBTS
November 15 2021

It’s a sacred moment to read and study God’s Word, and it’s a life changing moment to experience the Word of God through manuscripts preserved through the centuries. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) had such a moment when the school received a donated Torah scroll dating back to 1760 from Ken and Barb Larson, founders of God’s Ancient Library... read more


Greear, Merritt, Loritts among pastors joining SEBTS faculty

Lauren Pratt, SEBTS
November 11 2021

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) announced Nov. 10 the addition of five well-known Southern Baptist pastors to its faculty – Crawford W. Loritts, Jr., J.D. Greear, Al Jackson, Matt Carter and James Merritt... read more


N.C. Baptists celebrate being ‘On Mission Together’

Chad Austin, BSC Communications
November 10 2021

With an emphasis on the gospel and the Great Commission, North Carolina Baptists rallied around the theme of being “On Mission Together” during their 191st annual meeting, held Nov. 8-9 at the Joseph S... read more