Churches prepare to meet Afghan refugee needs

Scott Barkley, Baptist Press
September 20 2021

Brandon Hembree remembers the moment Afghan refugees became a face instead of a number. The face belonged to a child, frightened by the sound of planes overhead. The playground wasn’t in Afghanistan... read more


Brazilian Baptists celebrate 150 years of ministry

Timothy Cockes, Baptist Press
September 16 2021

Baptist work in Brazil has grown from a small group of people 150 years ago to 15,000 congregations and 3.5 million people today. Last week, Southern Baptists in Brazil reflected on that history and celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first known Baptist church planted in the country... read more


Christians urged not to forget brothers and sisters in Afghanistan’s new day

Scott Barkley, Baptist Press
September 15 2021

While the Taliban’s reemergence in Afghanistan brings concern for its Christian population, the situation isn’t as grim as it could be. Stories of Christians being targeted by the Taliban over the last month have grown, largely on social media... read more


Cuban missionary to Uganda uses sports to teach Bible to refugees

Myriah Snyder, IMB
September 14 2021

While political unrest persists in Cuba, Global Missionary Partner (GMP) Hector Cabrera, a Cuban, serves Sudanese refugees living in Uganda with the love of Christ and his God-given talents. Cabrera was sent to partner with International Mission Board (IMB) missionary Jeremy Taliaferro’s team serving these refugees earlier this summer... read more


IMB updates vaccination policy to maximize access to unreached peoples

Julie McGowen, IMB
September 10 2021

Desiring to help its team members maintain access to unreached peoples and places and remain healthy as they seek to take the gospel to all nations, the International Mission Board (IMB) announced a policy Sept... read more