Beirut blast prompts prayer from Messianic believers

Diana Chandler, Baptist Press
August 06 2020

Southern Baptist Messianic believers expressed heartbreak after unexplained explosions at a Beirut port warehouse Aug. 4 killed at least 100, injured more than 4,000 and devastated much of the city. Leaders of the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship (SBMF), a group of about 350 Jewish believers, said they are praying and looking for a reputable humanitarian aid group to channel help for the injured and displaced... read more


Persian refugee pastors grow in faithful teaching and partnership

Sarah Alexander*, IMB
August 05 2020

How can a persecuted believer trust again after being betrayed by those closest to him? How can a person rightly understand suffering when his culture is awash in prosperity gospel teaching? How can a pastor carry the weight of leading when he doesn’t know how to study scripture? These are challenges that Christian workers Mary and Andrew Flint* face every day as they seek to encourage growth among Persian refugee churches... read more


IMB missionaries help church reach the nations in Oklahoma

William Haun, IMB
July 29 2020

The sun was blazing, and the 102-degree heat was taking its toll on International Mission Board (IMB) missionary Mark Chambers*. He had driven four hours across a rugged, desolate landscape for this ministry opportunity, and now he and pastor Michael Carter were lost... read more


In China 'there is no longer a safe place to be a Christian'

Diana Chandler, Baptist Press
July 27 2020

China persecutes Christians to gain leverage in future diplomatic relations with the U.S., a Christian seeking U.S. asylum claimed in a video released July 22 alongside a new report by International Christian Concern (ICC)... read more


South Korean church plant finds home

Stella McMillian*, IMB
July 23 2020

While Stuart Robinson, an International Mission Board (IMB) missionary in Seoul, South Korea, was walking in his neighborhood one day, something new caught his eye. In the window of a café there was a small sign, "Closed on the Lord's day... read more