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Laying a foundation for service

By Katie Bowes, BR Editorial Aide
May 30 2023

Making a deep impact on the students and children in your church can be as simple as giving up a week of your summer to take them to a missions focused camp. Each summer N.C. Baptists on Mission holds Deep Impact camps across North Carolina, in other states, and places like Cuba and Puerto Rico... read more


Gospel gains momentum with Gen Z

By Lizzy Haseltine, BR Contributing Writer
May 30 2023

Hundreds of North Carolina students have been praying for their friends and inviting them to start a relationship with Christ through BeDoTell Momentum Tours. “I didn’t know that it would take off like it is,” said organizer Merrie Johnson, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s student ministries strategist... read more


Freedom Church to appeal Executive Committee decision, ask for reinstatement in SBC

By Timothy Cockes, Baptist Press
May 30 2023

VERO BEACH, Fla. (BP) – Freedom Church in Vero Beach, Fla., is one of three churches that will be appealing the SBC Executive Committee’s February decision in which it deemed the church not to be in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention... read more


Valedictorian speech based on the Gospel goes viral

By Scott Barkley, Baptist Press
May 30 2023

HUMBLE, Texas (BP) — Before Friday, May 26, the largest group Campbell Lino had spoken to about Jesus was the 75 or so at her church during a prayer meeting. Ascending the stage as valedictorian for Atascocita High School, she was going to once again talk about the Gospel... read more


Memorial Day 2023: SBC chaplain serves grieving families at Dover Air Force Base

By Tobin Perry
May 29 2023

DOVER, Del. (BP) – Some days as an Air Force chaplain stand out among all others. For Matthew Knight, one of those days was August 29, 2021. Three days earlier, 13 U.S. service members were killed during a suicide attack on the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan... read more