Pro-life women speak in new ERLC book
Tom Strode, Baptist Press
December 03, 2015

Pro-life women speak in new ERLC book

Pro-life women speak in new ERLC book
Tom Strode, Baptist Press
December 03, 2015

The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) is preparing to publish a book by women on being pro-life in all of life.

The ERLC will release the book – Women on Life: A Call to Love the Unborn, Unloved and Neglected – in January, the same month when many Southern Baptist and other churches observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. The book’s release also will be near the dates of the inaugural Evangelicals for Life, an ERLC co-sponsored conference to be held in conjunction with the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.


With 16 female contributors, Women on Life – in both print and e-book format – seeks to equip Christians to address a variety of life situations from a biblical, pro-life perspective. The book’s topics include protecting unborn children and vulnerable women from abortion, seeking purity in singleness, teaching children about sex, helping pregnant teenagers, receiving forgiveness for sexual sin, adopting children, living as a single mother and caring for widows, the elderly and those with special needs.

Women on Life is about what it means to be pro-life, said Trillia Newbell, the book’s editor, in an ERLC news release.

“To be pro-life is to act out of love for every single person who carries incredible worth,” said Newbell, the ERLC’s director of community outreach. “It isn’t just a book about why we are pro-life, but rather how we can practically love and serve in a variety of difficult real-life circumstances.”

Russell Moore, the ERLC’s president, said in the news release, “It is crucial in our advocacy for the unborn that we speak directly to the consciences of women with a pro-life, whole-life message. The voices gathered together in Women For Life are doing just that. I’m excited to see what this book will accomplish for the cause of life and human dignity in our churches and communities.”

Among the contributors are Betsy Childs Howard, an editor with The Gospel Coalition; Jackie Hill-Perry, poet and artist with Humble Beast Records; and Kelly Rosati, vice president of community outreach for Focus on the Family.

Newbell thinks the book will help churches address a problem reflected in a new survey by LifeWay Research. The study, released Nov. 23, found – among other opinions – about twice as many women considering abortion expected or experienced judgment from a church rather than caring.

“My prayer is that this collection of short essays will help equip the church to serve and love the unborn, unloved and neglected,” Newbell said.

Women on Life will be available for purchase through most major online retailers. The book is being published by Leland House Press, an ERLC initiative to help local churches address moral and ethical issues.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in 2016 will be Jan. 17 on the Southern Baptist Convention calendar.

The ERLC is cosponsoring Evangelicals for Life with Focus on the Family. The conference, which has several other evangelical and pro-life organizations as sponsors, is scheduled Jan. 21-22. Moore, Newbell and Rosati are among the conference speakers. Registration for and information on Evangelicals for Life is available online at evangelicals.life/.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – Tom Strode is Washington bureau chief for Baptist Press, the Southern Baptist Convention’s news service.)

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