‘God’s Not Dead’: The movie pastors asked for
Ginny Dent Brant, Guest Column
March 13, 2014

‘God’s Not Dead’: The movie pastors asked for

‘God’s Not Dead’: The movie pastors asked for
Ginny Dent Brant, Guest Column
March 13, 2014

Pure Flix Entertainment is renewing interest in God and asking its viewers to consider one of the most important questions of our day, “Does God exist?” through the release of “God’s Not Dead,” March 21 in more than 600 theaters nationwide. The film features a star-studded cast, an appearance by “Duck Dynasty’sWillie and Korie Robertson and special performance by Newsboys and their hit song “God’s Not Dead.”

Pure Flix Entertainment, the number one faith-producing film company, is known for producing and distributing Christ-centered movies for the purpose of changing our culture for Christ and being salt and light in a media-driven culture.

This feature film is certain to ruffle feathers and stimulate intelligent conversations just as the Ken Ham-Bill Nye Debate on Creation/Evolution did on Feb. 4.

In “God’s Not Dead,” college freshman, Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper of “Flipped”), finds his faith challenged by an arrogant philosophy professor (Kevin Sorbo of “Soul Surfer”) who requires his students to deny the existence of God or face a failing grade.

Josh, whose dream is to attend law school, finds himself having to choose between his faith and his future without the support of his parents, classmates, or girlfriend.

He seeks the advice of a minister (David A.R. White of “Revelation Road”) who points him to Matthew 10:32-33 and confronts him with these words, “Your acceptance of this challenge may be the only meaningful exposure to Jesus that some in his class will ever have.” Risking his future, he steps out to prove the existence of God.

He puts God on trial with the professor as the prosecutor, himself as the defense attorney and the students as the jury.

Before landing this role, Shane Harper prayed diligently for the opportunity to play Josh Wheaton as his passion is apologetics.

Also starring Dean Cain (“Superman”) as a self-absorbed executive, every character in this film must deal with the ultimate question, “Does God exist?” The film is rated PG and is Dove approved for ages 12 and above. It is a must see for all youth groups and a powerful lesson that when one stands for one’s faith, it gives others the courage to stand and believe.

This film is from today’s headlines as college students step into the shoes of Josh Wheaton every day when they leave home only to find their faith challenged in the halls of academia.

Many of us can remember the days we encountered professors who took pride in destroying our beliefs. We are living in a day when the very institutions such as Harvard, which was founded to promote “Truth for Christ and for the Church,” are now doing the opposite.

My own struggle in this area caused me to search and learn how to stand for my faith. But for many, the alluring rhetoric of all-knowing professors can wash away the foundations of their faith, leaving them feeling hopeless and confused.

This film is inspired by Newsboy’s 2011 hit song, “God’s Not Dead,” and the book by Dr. Rice Broocks, God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty. In this book, Dr. Broocks explains the differences in two mindsets:

“The naturalist asserts that the universe came into being from nothing, by nothing, for nothing.
“The theist believes the universe came from nothing, by Something, for something.”

The late Chuck Colson warned us that our culture will be changed through colleges and universities:

“We must train the mind by inculcating truth and developing graduates who will go out and infiltrate the world with the love of Christ. A society without a foundation of moral absolutes cannot long survive.”

When we send our young people out into the world of higher education, we must send them with the full armor of God, knowing that their faith will be challenged.

We expect professors at secular universities to deny the existence of God, but many students have faced the same challenge as Josh Wheaton in institutions that bear the name of Christ.

Whatever the circumstances, this movie is a powerful reminder that those who follow Christ must be prepared to defend their faith in an increasingly godless society. And when we take that stand, we may never know the ripple effect and the lives impacted by those who are watching.

As William J. Federer has stated, “Whoever controls the media and education, controls the country.”
This film has it all – inspiring music, great acting, and a well-written screenplay.

One of the producers, David A.R. White, revealed Pure Flix made the movie after getting feedback from pastors who said they needed a movie about apologetics and defending the faith. And this movie does that while entertaining.

White said, “The addition of the Robertsons and their own stand for their faith has only mirrored the message in the movie.”

For more info click on this link http://godsnotdeadthemovie.com and see where it will be playing and how you can plan to bring the movie to your city. The trailer alone is a conversation starter and something that can be shared through social media.

(EDITOR’S NOTE – Ginny Dent Brant is an author, speaker, counselor and soloist. She is editor-at-large for Sonoma Christian Home Magazine. Visit www.ginnybrant.com.)