10 life-changing tips that will change a man’s life
BR staff
July 18, 2012

10 life-changing tips that will change a man’s life

10 life-changing tips that will change a man’s life
BR staff
July 18, 2012

(EDITOR'S NOTE – In the July 21 issue we focus on discipleship. What does it look like? Why is it important? Most importantly, we look at how you, your family and your church can get involved in making disciples. We hope you find the information in these stories to be helpful in that journey.)

In his two-volume book, Mentoring Men for the Master Handbook and 10 absolute life-changers of men; guaranteed, author Bill Bennett details how a man can transform his life for Christ – inside and out.

Since giving up his 50-year career as a successful pastor Bennett, the CEO of Mentoring Men for the Master, has developed a passion for shaping men’s lives through mentoring and discipleship. In 2000, Bennett founded the non-profit ministry to focus on men’s ministry.

One side is a handbook for the Mentoring Men for the Master ministry. The other side of the book, 10 absolute life-changers of men: guaranteed, details what Bennett refers to as the “ten imperatives” for living Christian life.

The nearly 300-page book lists what every man should do to be a true follower of Christ, but Bennett added that the book isn’t about “a set of rules.”


Bill Bennett

“It’s based on a relationship with Jesus,” said Bennett, a member of Scotts Hill Baptist Church in Wilmington. “You’ve got to depend on the Holy Spirit.”

In today’s society, Bennett contends that men are desperate to learn how to be a spiritual leader in their home and to incorporate the Word into their everyday life. “Most men are not the head of their home at all,” he said. “They don’t even lead in prayer. We show them how to disciple their families.”

If readers could pull one nugget from the book, Bennett said it would be “that they will see what discipleship is and what the call of God is upon their lives.”

For more information about the book, or to learn how you can begin a Mentoring Men study in your church, go to http://www.mentoringmen.net/. Contact Bennett at [email protected] or call (910) 470-5343 or (910) 256-5343.

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