Churches and associations report Hurricane Florence damages
Biblical Recorder Staff
October 29, 2018

Churches and associations report Hurricane Florence damages

Churches and associations report Hurricane Florence damages
Biblical Recorder Staff
October 29, 2018

Hurricane Florence caused catastrophic damage to many parts of central and eastern North Carolina. Below is a list of churches or association buildings that were damaged as a result of the storm, as reported to Baptists on Mission (also known as North Carolina Baptist Men). These are facilities with ties to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

Each association is listed below with descriptions of the damage. One church was listed in the N.C. Miscellaneous association, a category for churches not affiliated with an organized association in North Carolina. This is not a complete list.


Graphic depicts the name and location of associations reporting damage, along with the number of churches in each association reporting damage.

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Atlantic Baptist Association

The Atlantic Baptist Association in Havelock was the hardest hit during the hurricane. Part of the association building’s roof was ripped off. The conference room and the office are not functional.

Atlantic Missionary Baptist Church – An early estimate for damage was $108,000. Shingles were displaced and the roof leaked in several places. The balcony caved in and the rest of the upper level received water damage. The church walls, which are plaster, are damaged. Windows were broken, and gutters overflowed into the church.

First Baptist Church, Davis – The church building received 4-5 inches of flooding. Members tore out the flooring. The HVAC system flooded and will need to be replaced.

First Baptist Church, Morehead City – An early estimate was $25,000 in damages not covered by insurance deductible. Roofs on multiple buildings received varying degrees of damage.

Huggins Memorial Baptist Church, Harkers Island – Both the church building and parsonage were damaged. Pews, organ and other contents inside were damaged due to roof leakage.

Marshallberg Baptist Church – Some water got inside the church. The Sunday School and choir rooms have damage. HVAC units were damaged.

Oriental First Baptist Church – Flooring was damaged.

Parkview Baptist Church, Morehead City – The steeple fell, and the ceiling and stage in the sanctuary were damaged, as was the library and fellowship hall.

Pollocksville Baptist Church – The church’s basement flooded. All sound equipment was lost, and the parsonage was damaged.

Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church – Knee-high water flooded the children’s area of the church.

Sea Level Missionary Baptist Church – Minimal damage was reported.

Trenton Missionary Baptist Church – The church had 3-4 feet of water in the family life center and fellowship hall. The church sanctuary’s crawl space flooded up to the floor of the sanctuary. The steeple was twisted and has to be replaced. The roof will also have to be replaced. The pastor’s home was flooded as well.

Bladen Baptist Association

Abbottsburg Baptist Church, Bladenboro – A foot of water ran through the whole building.

Peace Baptist Church, Bladenboro – The church, which also flooded during Hurricane Matthew two years ago, had major flooding.

Burnt Swamp Baptist Association

Harpers Ferry Baptist Church, Maxton – Six inches of water entered the buildings. Duct vents were ruined.

Morning Star Community Church, Lumberton – Damage was reported without details.

New Point Baptist Church, Lumberton – The entire church building flooded.

West End Baptist Church, Lumberton – Flood waters rose to the church doors but did not get inside.

Cape Fear Network of Baptist Churches

Atkinson Baptist Church – The church basement flooded, causing extensive damage.

Crossroads Baptist Church, Wilmington – The church had a lot of water damage and is considering relocating. The church leases its facility. Water damaged mostly ceilings.

First Baptist Church, Wilmington – The church has sustained damage but has maintained a NCBM feeding and/or recovery unit since the storm hit.

Greenfield Baptist Church, Wilmington – A tornado blew off part of the roof and led to significant water damage.

New Hope Baptist Church, Leland – A limb went through the church’s ceiling, and there was water damage.

Sunset Park Baptist Church, Wilmington – There were some lost shingles and water damage.

Temple Baptist Church, Wilmington – There are a few leaks in the sanctuary and minor damage to the steeple.

The Gathering, Surf City – The youth building had to be gutted. Services were disrupted for a short time.

Columbus Baptist Association

Chadbourn Baptist Church – Slate tiles were cracked.

Cheerful Hope Baptist Church, Delco – The steeple was damaged and water came into the church.

Fair Bluff Baptist Church – Flooding was similar to the devastation of Hurricane Matthew.

Gapway Baptist Church, Tabor City – The pastor’s home flooded.

Riegelwood Baptist Church – Roof leakage was reported.

West Whiteville Baptist Church – The ceiling collapsed.

White Marsh Baptist Church, Whiteville – There was flooding underneath the church. Ductwork will have to be replaced.

Dock Baptist Association

Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church, Whiteville – The church reported four feet of water in sanctuary and five in the fellowship hall.

Eastern Baptist Association

Center Baptist Church, Garland – Described as total loss.

Island Creek Baptist Church, Rose Hill – Roof damage and some interior and steeple damage were reported.

Iglesia Cristiana Emanuel, Wallace – A new roof and ceiling are needed.

Piney Grove Baptist Church, Faison – The church received roof and pew damage.

Saron Iglesia Bautista, Chinquapin – The church received extensive flood damage.

Sharon Baptist Church, Chinquapin – The fellowship hall and church building flooded 2-3 feet. The pastor’s house flooded up to windows.

Johnston Baptist Association

Trees fell on the association building, and a service pole to the building needs repairs.

Neuse Baptist Association

Pineview Baptist Church, Goldsboro – Water infiltrated the sanctuary.

New River Baptist Association

Brookwood Baptist Church, Jacksonville – Mold was present. The steeple was damaged.

First Baptist Church, Swansboro – An early estimate is around $1 million in damage at the church.

Korean Baptist Church, Jacksonville – Half a foot of water came into the facility.

Living Hope Community Church, Jacksonville – The steeple shifted and led to water damage in the sanctuary. HVAC units need to be replaced.

New South River Baptist Association

Arran Lake Baptist Church, Fayetteville – A portion of sanctuary ceiling fell. The ceiling in the education building stairwell needs replacement, and sound equipment was struck by lightning.

Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church, Roseboro – Half of the fellowship hall roof is gone.

First Baptist Church, Roseboro – There is water damage in AC ducts, leaks around lights, and the carpet needs to be removed and replaced. There was water damage around windows.

Grace Baptist Church, Fayetteville – There’s a hole in the roof over sanctuary, and the sound board, baby grand piano and youth room were completely lost. There were extensive water leaks and wet carpet throughout.

Mt. Elam Baptist Church, Roseboro – Water damage was reported.

Shaw Heights Baptist Church, Fayetteville – Holes were found in roof over sanctuary, kitchen and fellowship hall with water damage.

Sperring Memorial Baptist Church, Fayetteville – Roof over sanctuary and choir loft was damaged with some falling pieces. Water came through roof in foyer and choir room.

Spring Lake Baptist Church – The steeple shifted, and water flooded above the sound board. The ceiling fell into the sanctuary, and the bathroom behind the sanctuary leaked, causing the ceiling to collapse, which leaked through to the basement, damaging ceiling tiles, causing them to fall.

North Carolina miscellaneous

Myrtle Head Baptist Church, Ash – The church reported flooding.

Robeson Baptist Association

Bethel Baptist Church, Lumberton – The roof was reportedly torn off with water damage inside, including pews and a wall.

North Lumberton Baptist Church – Tears in the roof from strong winds caused water damage in the church.

Vertical Church, Lumberton – The building was leased, and the church just moved to this facility. The biggest loss was sound and video equipment.

West Lumberton Baptist Church – Water damage/flooding. The church has joined a class action lawsuit against a company for preventing them from building a berm prior to the flooding because the church sustained extensive damage during Hurricane Matthew’s flooding.