Hollifield urges nominations be made
Norman Jameson, BR Editor
March 08, 2010

Hollifield urges nominations be made

Hollifield urges nominations be made
Norman Jameson, BR Editor
March 08, 2010

The Baptist State Convention

Executive Committee conducted a brief business meeting March 5 following a

two-day retreat at Hollifield Leadership Center.

The annual retreat

introduces Executive Committee members to each other as they prepare for a year

of conducting BSC business.

It was the first Executive

Committee meeting for Bobby Blanton since he was elected Board president in

January. Blanton is pastor of Lake Norman Baptist Church.

BR photo by Norman Jameson

Bobby Blanton, left, pastor of Lake Norman Baptist Church, led his first Executive Committee retreat and meeting at Hollifield Leadership Center March 4-5.

The only significant news

was the financial report that shows Cooperative Program gifts through February

down 15.4 percent over the same period in 2009.

John Butler, executive

leader for business services, said some churches have missed services up to

five Sundays already this year due to bad weather. Few churches in the state

have not been affected at least one Sunday, he said.

The challenge with the

significant dip in receipts is managing cash flow, he said, until churches can

resume normal operations.

He said churches do not

usually make up 100 percent of receipts from missed Sundays, but he expressed

confidence that North Carolina Baptists will support their churches and that

the churches will forward mission gifts to make up most of the current


“We need to get past Easter

to get a good picture of where the year is going,” Butler said.

Milton A. Hollifield Jr.,

BSC executive director-treasurer, urged Executive Committee members to take

advantage of the deadline extended

to March 15 for making nominations to the Board and to the boards of agencies

and institutions.

“Please help the nominating

committee,” he said. “Sometimes people get the misperception the nominating

committee has more names than they can use.

That’s not the case.

“They are looking for names,

for people.

“Take the time to nominate

good people or ask someone to nominate them.”