Macon Assn. lends hand, heart
Dianna L. Cagle, BR Assistant Managing Editor
March 10, 2010

Macon Assn. lends hand, heart

Macon Assn. lends hand, heart
Dianna L. Cagle, BR Assistant Managing Editor
March 10, 2010

Several churches in Macon

Baptist Association serve thru-hikers with Appalachian Trail Servants.

Photos by John Swain

Craig and Suzy Miles love ministering to hikers seeking answers on the Appalachian Trail. See video.

“Many of the hikers are in

transition and are looking for something,” said Jeff King, associational


“We want to show the love of Christ to them through acts of kindness.”

With around 50 miles of the

Appalachian Trail across Macon County, King said volunteers set up at two or

three trailheads.

“We will have chairs,

drinks, food, batteries, toilet paper, etc.,” he said. “We share with them who

we are and try to plant a seed of Christ’s love in their life.”

King pointed out that

Christians serve hikers all along the Trail.

When hikers reach Macon

County they usually are two to three weeks into their journey.

On average it

takes about six months to finish the Appalachian Trail.

“We are involved in the

beginning of the harvest process for these hikers,” King said.

Working with Craig and Suzy Miles has enabled the association’s participants to help this underserved


Volunteers setup between March and May when the Trail is at its


The Miles are Mission

Service Corps missionaries with the North American Mission Board. They are

featured in this year’s Week of Prayer March 7-13.

“Craig and Suzy have put

together a two-hour training session for people who want to serve on the AT,”

he said. “The training helps folks understand AT hikers, what is needed to

carry-out the ministry to the hikers, and some do’s and don’ts.”

Visit www.trailministry.org

to find out more about Appalachian Trail Servants, how you can donate or how

you can serve.

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