Mother’s Day Offering makes ‘all the difference’
North Carolina Baptist Hospital
April 22, 2011

Mother’s Day Offering makes ‘all the difference’

Mother’s Day Offering makes ‘all the difference’
North Carolina Baptist Hospital
April 22, 2011

“I could never say thank you enough to fellow North Carolina

Baptists for helping pay my hospital bill through the Mother’s Day Offering,”

said Jim Gentry, a member of Mission Home

Baptist Church

in Fleetwood. “They gave us so much hope and strengthened our faith in the

goodness of God. They were a life-saver, believe me.”

God’s healing hand has been with Jim through heart surgery,

two carotid artery procedures, and surgery for lung cancer at North

Carolina Baptist Hospital

(a part of Wake Forest Baptist Health). “The doctors and staff at Baptist are

just wonderful. We’ve been amazed at how nice and caring everyone has

been. We are so thankful,” he said.

NCBH photo

Jim and Shirley Gentry

In the midst of their gratitude, Jim and his wife, Shirley,

faced the burden of tremendous financial stress after his second carotid

surgery. The constant pressure and worries made recovery much more difficult.

“We were having a tough time just making it. I’m retired and

have a fixed income. Shirley had just changed jobs and wasn’t working full

time. We were covered up in bills and the debt was getting deeper. The bill

collectors were calling. We were doing the best we could, but couldn’t make

ends meet. The stress wouldn’t stop.”

When Jim’s hospital bill arrived, on top of all the other

bills, they were overwhelmed. “The Gentrys fell between the cracks of assistance with his

hospital bill,” said Paul Mullen, director of church and community relations at

North Carolina Baptist Hospital. “They had too much to qualify for government

assistance or charity care, but not enough to pay his hospital bill they were

responsible for. They were burdened every day with worry and fear.”

“Christ’s compassion is meant for people like Jim and

Shirley,” Mullen said. “Near the heart of His agape-type love is mercy,

kindness and benevolence toward others in need. That’s what the Mother’s Day

Offering is all about. I had the privilege of sending Jim a letter that said,

‘Your hospital bill has been paid by compassionate and mission-minded North

Carolina Baptists in the name of Jesus Christ and His love.’ ”

“When I got that letter, I couldn’t keep from crying,” Jim

said. “When Shirley read it, she cried, too. They were tears of relief. It took

such a huge burden off our shoulders. North Carolina Baptists showed us that

God is still working through His people — that He still cares about us.”

“I’d like them to know that they made all the difference in

the world for us.”

Mullen added his gratitude to North Carolina Baptists for

their generosity and compassion for patients in need like Jim Gentry. “They are

extending the hands of Christ’s love through the Mother’s Day Offering, helping

people get back on their feet. God is at work through our gifts, drawing people

closer to Christ in life-changing gratitude,” he said. “As I’ve heard countless

patients say, I could never say thank you enough. Please join me in praying for

the 2011 Mother’s Day Offering. And please give generously as God leads you.”

Mother’s Day Offering materials, including a video of

patient testimonials, were mailed to every N.C. Baptist church. See video at

www.mothersdayoffering.org. Materials can be obtained by calling (336) 716-3027

or email [email protected].

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