Research reveals value of event evangelism
NAMB Communications
July 12, 2010

Research reveals value of event evangelism

Research reveals value of event evangelism
NAMB Communications
July 12, 2010

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) —

Block parties, festivals and other evangelistic events are essential

ingredients for effective churches, according to a study by the Scarborough

Center for Baptist Church Planting at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

in conjunction with the North American Mission Board.

“Our findings suggest that

many of our nation’s most effective evangelistic churches are utilizing

attractional evangelistic events,” said Jerry Pipes, team leader for mass

evangelism at NAMB.

NAMB photo by John Swain

Highly effective churches are utilizing attractional evangelistic events such as block parties to draw lost people so they can hear the gospel.

Researchers started by

polling 3,200 Southern Baptist churches last year as part of the Evangelistic

Event Research Project.

What the study revealed

Several common denominators emerged

among highly effective churches:

  • They sponsor attractional

    evangelistic events, do several of them annually, do them especially well and

    get excellent results.

  • Two-thirds of highly

    effective churches sponsor both evangelistic events and an active personal

    evangelism program.

  • Significantly more highly

    effective churches sponsor evangelistic events than lesser effective churches.

  • They sponsor significantly

    more evangelistic events and do significantly better preparation and follow-up

    for evangelistic events than lesser effective churches.

  • They sponsor more

    holiday-related, revival-like and sports and recreation evangelistic events

    than any other types (in that order). More than half sponsor revival-like

    evangelistic events.

“We define evangelistic

events as special events, which intentionally draw lost people through

relationships and attraction, clearly present the gospel and provide an

invitation to respond,” Pipes said.

The report comes at a time

when, in some quarters, the value of attractional methods has been questioned

for reaching communities with the gospel.

“A lot of churches have

pursued a missional approach to evangelism and church growth to the neglect of

attractional evangelistic events that will draw people in,” Pipes said.

“It’s like asking a pilot

flying over the Pacific Ocean whether he wants his right wing or his left wing.

The answer is you need both wings — both missional methodologies and an

attractional model.”

Ed Stetzer, president of

LifeWay Research, said when churches are committed to conducting evangelistic

events, it creates a more evangelistically motivated congregation.

“Events help get people

mobilized, and mobilized people reach out to their friends,” Stetzer said.

“In research we conducted for our book Comeback

Churches, we found that doing evangelistic outreach events was a key part of

many churches’ revitalization.”

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