Special: Personal financial health
BR staff
December 31, 2008

Special: Personal financial health

Special: Personal financial health
BR staff
December 31, 2008

Jesus talked about our relationship with money more than He talked about any other thing.

Yet, Christian debt burden and divorce rates vary little if any from the world at large.

Fifty-six percent of people divorcing say money was the main reason. Bankruptcies are up; savings are down. For only the third time in history, the U.S. has a negative savings rate. The other periods were 1932-33, and in 2006-07. The average credit card debt per household is more than $9,000, and we spend more than we earn each year.

In the midst of an economic crisis the government’s response is to encourage borrowing.

Is there a better way? Can we gain control of our own impatience to borrow, buy and enjoy instantly? Should a Christian’s relationship with money reflect a different standard?

The Jan. 3 issue of the Biblical Recorder offers a look at some of the issues, and, perhaps, offers some handles for you. Stories from this issue will begin to be posted Jan. 2. Please check our web site in the following days to improve your financial health in 2009.

Several more stories have been held for the Jan. 17 issue and will be posted online later this month.

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