Students experience ‘Metanoia’
Mars Hill College Communications
December 13, 2010

Students experience ‘Metanoia’

Students experience ‘Metanoia’
Mars Hill College Communications
December 13, 2010

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Students from Mars Hill College worked at Metanoia Community Development Ministry in North Charleston, S.C., over fall break. Front, from left: Paige Bedard, Rachel Connor, and Jameson Donnell. Back, from left: Annie Sutton, Chandler Hill, Shelby Johnson, Breanna Mason and Hilary Modlin.

North Charleston, S.C., is an area riddled with poverty and

crime. Eight students from Mars Hill College used their fall break to make a

difference there, painting a house used in ministry by Metanoia, which means

“pushing forward” or “creating positive change.”

Metanoia addresses needs through a housing program that

helps renters become home owners; an afterschool program that teaches children

to be young leaders and entrepreneurs; and financial education for adults

designed to help them make responsible decisions for themselves and their

families. Mars Hill College Christian Student Movement missions chair Annie

Sutton said this is the third year that students from Mars Hill have gone to

Metanoia over fall break.

According to Metanoia, the increase in home ownership

automatically decreases the crime rate, because home owners “take ownership” of

their community, report crimes, and take steps to keep their neighborhood safe.