Week of prayer for Annie Armstrong offering
February 27, 2009

Week of prayer for Annie Armstrong offering

Week of prayer for Annie Armstrong offering
February 27, 2009

The Week of Prayer for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO) is March 1-8. The Biblical Recorder will have full stories online about these missionaries, as well as links to videos and a photo gallery. This year’s offering goal is $65 million.

Day One (March 1)

Gary and Sue Smith, Canada

National Church Planting Missionary

Canadian National Baptist Convention

100 Convention Way

Cochrane, Alberta, Canada T4C 2G2

[email protected]

Prayer Concerns: Pray for Gary’s effectiveness as he sows together with others to start churches. Pray for God to open doors among the different people groups who need an evangelical witness and church. Pray for a great awakening to spread across Canada through Gary’s ministry.


Live With Urgency is the theme for this year’s Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. View photo gallery of all the Week of Prayer missionaries.

Day Two (March 2)

Al and Noemi Fernandez, Florida

Church Planting

140 East 7th Street

Hialeah, FL 33010

[email protected]

Prayer Concerns: Pray for churches and leaders Al works with to understand the importance of, and become active in, spreading the gospel beyond their neighborhoods to the many unbelievers living in South Florida.

Day Three (March 3)

Daniel and Kimberly Goombi, Kansas

Church Planting, Mission Service Corps

1617 W 26th Street

Lawrence, KS 66046

[email protected]

Prayer Concerns: Pray for more churches to become aware of the need to reach sovereign nations of indigenous people within their own state. Pray for Native Americans to be receptive to the gospel and the Lord as the God of all people.

Day Four (March 4)

Brenda Crim, Alaska

Collegiate Evangelism

8310 Summerset Drive

Anchorage, AK 99518

[email protected]

Prayer Concerns: Pray for God to call out more Native Alaskan students who can open doors in villages where there is no gospel witness. Pray for more missions teams to be willing to come serve, especially during the winter, and share Christ in remote areas of Alaska.

Day Five (March 5)

Song Sik and Fanny Kim, California

Church Planting

1324 Carleton Way

Fullerton, CA 92833-2011

[email protected]

Prayer Concerns: Pray for Song and Fanny’s safety as they travel California visiting church planters and seeking new areas in need of a Korean church. Pray for ten new churches to be started in 2009.

Day Six (March 6)

Lamar and Dolly Duke, Pennsylvania

Associational Missions

6538 Baptist Way

East Syracuse, NY 13057

[email protected]

Prayer Concerns: Pray for Lamar to be open to where God is working and for him to see past his own personal desires to what God wants him to do. Pray for more volunteers to assist existing churches in ministries designed to reach the unchurched population.

(EDITOR’S NOTE — Duke has accepted a new missionary position as state director of missions for the Baptist Convention of New York.)

Day Seven (March 7)

Paul and Elizabeth Biswas, Massachusetts

Church Planting

129A Brown Street

Waltham, MA 02453

[email protected]

Prayer Concerns: Pray for Paul and Elizabeth as they share the gospel among Muslims and Bengali people. Pray for two new churches and leaders to begin in 2009.

Day Eight (March 8)

Willie and Ozzie Jacobs, Tennessee

National Church Planting Missionaries

3577 Beaver Run Drive

Collierville, TN 38017

[email protected]

Prayer Concerns: Pray for churches to become more missions minded and see the need to share the gospel in their own communities. Pray for believers to be actively involved in sharing God’s love as committed churches work together to reach their state for Christ.