Digital edition launches Aug. 1
K. Allan Blume, BR Editor
July 29, 2013

Digital edition launches Aug. 1

Digital edition launches Aug. 1
K. Allan Blume, BR Editor
July 29, 2013

The Biblical Recorder has been published for 180 years. While the appearance has changed dramatically, it is still printed on paper and mailed to subscribers. We hope it will be available in print form for many years to come. The choices of North Carolina Baptists and market trends will determine our future course.

This month we are adding a new way for our subscribers to read the print edition in an online, digital format. The digital edition is an exact replica of the printed copy. It will be available free on BRnow.org for the months of August and September.

Beginning Oct. 1, the digital edition will only be accessed with a paid subscription.

There are two ways you can subscribe to the digital edition. First, if you have a paid subscription to the Biblical Recorder, contact our office, and we will assist you in setting up your online access to the digital edition. There is no additional charge for paid subscribers.

Second, you can subscribe only to the digital edition. Go to our website and click on the button “Subscribe to the Digital Biblical Recorder.” You have a choice to subscribe for one year ($5.99), two years ($10.99) or three years ($14.99). Obviously, the three-year subscription is a great deal.

If you prefer to contact us directly, Erin Gandy, our circulation manager, will be happy to set up your digital edition over the phone or by email. You can charge on Visa or MasterCard. Of course, you can send a check to Erin, if that is more convenient.

Some churches are receiving a bundle of Recorders every two weeks. We have a special offer for you. For every bulk order of five or more printed copies to the church address, we will give you one free annual subscription for the digital edition. If your church receives ten copies of the printed Recorder, you will get two digital subscriptions. Fifteen bulk copies give you three free digital subscriptions. To arrange for your free digital subscriptions, please contact Erin.

The best deal is to subscribe to the printed Biblical Recorder and get the digital online version at no additional cost. This is available through individual subscriptions or through church plans when the Recorder is mailed to individuals rather than bulk plans.

We encourage churches to subscribe to a group plan for individual members. If the church pays for an individual print subscription, that person will have access to the digital edition, also. Or a church can purchase digital subscriptions if that is the preference of their readers.

We provide three primary avenues of information: the printed Biblical Recorder, the BRnow.org website, and BRweekly e-newsletter. They are not duplicates. Each one is unique. There are features in the printed Biblical Recorder that are not available on BRnow.org or BRweekly. There are items on the website that are not available in print or in the e-newsletter. And some of the material in the free BRweekly e-newsletter is not available elsewhere. If you only access one of these three pieces, you are not getting the full picture of the Biblical Recorder’s services to you.

At this time BRnow.org is accessible to anyone around the world at no charge. The website has the highest ranking of any Baptist newspaper’s website. We are thankful for all who have made us number one.

Many newspaper websites are now behind “paywalls.” You cannot access those sites without a paid subscription.

We do not have an immediate plan to limit access to BRnow.org. We can keep it free if Baptist churches and individuals will subscribe to the Biblical Recorder in print or digital online.

A lot of news and information is tossed into the public arena every minute of the day. Some of it is good; some is bad. Some is accurate; some is distorted, even false. Where are the people in your church getting their news? Are they getting the truth? If they are not in touch with the services we provide through the Biblical Recorder, they are missing important information that could make your church stronger and more effective in Kingdom ministry.

We are committed to providing material that will assist pastors and church leaders in your God-called ministry. We exist to be your trusted source for news and information.

People need to know!

Read the digital edition now.

For assistance with either the printed Biblical Recorder or the digital online edition, please contact our circulation manager by email at [email protected] or by phone at (919) 459-5693. We look forward to serving you.