Where is the media’s integrity?
K. Allan Blume, BR Editor
October 31, 2016

Where is the media’s integrity?

Where is the media’s integrity?
K. Allan Blume, BR Editor
October 31, 2016

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the seismic cultural change that has swept over the United States of America. Through a recent nationwide survey, The Barna Group confirms that the nation’s values have declined dramatically. A majority of Americans reject God’s authority in their lives and embrace values that are contrary to the Bible including sex outside of marriage, homosexual relationships, same-sex marriage and doctor-assisted suicide.

I’m not looking for someone to blame for the present state of America’s cultural cesspool. Those of us who serve as leaders in Christian ministry are willing to admit our weaknesses and failures that have contributed to the current state of affairs.

But we need to hold members of the media accountable for their role in the demise of moral standards.

According to a Rasmussen poll, the majority of voters believe the media is more likely to influence the presidential election than Russia. The same poll reports that 79 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of voters that are not affiliated with either major political party believe it is more likely that media are helping elect the Democrats’ presidential candidate.

There are mounds of evidence that support the public’s view that secular media is no longer trustworthy. There is not enough space to review that material here.

This is not an endorsement for any candidate. It is an observation about the cancer of progressivism and the blind media that shamelessly spreads this destructive worldview without honest consideration of the truth.

Here’s a clear example.

If you read the big city newspapers and follow television stations’ endorsements of political candidates, you would conclude that the only issue on the ballot in North Carolina is House Bill 2 (HB2). As you know, state legislators passed this law earlier this year.

Here’s my question. Have you seen one newspaper or television station in North Carolina chide Charlotte’s mayor and City Council for striking the match that forced leaders in the state government to put out the fires of the LGBT movement’s one-sided agenda? Are you aware of any media outlet that has given fair consideration to the Christian worldview? If so, please tell me so I can congratulate them for having the courage to do their job.

On the contrary, major media outlets across the state have condemned every state leader who stands for HB2. The major argument is not the alleged correctness of the LGBT agenda. The concern addressed in secular media is the contrived damage to the “brand of the State of North Carolina.”

In other words, it’s about money – the same motivation behind the abortion industry and statewide gambling, also known as “the education lottery.” It’s all about sacrificing civility, order and decency for greed.

I just read another editorial from a Raleigh television station that repeated the same hollow, pied piper lingo that is regurgitated from media outlet to media outlet without rational consideration. The station gave their endorsement to candidates who do not support HB2. I have a serious problem with their logic.

The governor and state legislature passed and signed a bill that corrected the foolish, egregious ordinance forced on Charlotte’s citizenry by the city’s mayor and City Council last spring. HB2 provided the necessary statewide repairs and protections from serious damage to the state.

Yet, has a single media outlet rebuked Charlotte’s leaders? Has anyone considered that the damage to North Carolina’s brand lies at the feet of these misguided people?

Here is the picture I see. The media shows up at a house that is burning out of control.

Seeing the serious damage, and observing that the only people dealing with the raging inferno are the fire fighters, they conclude that the fire fighters must be at fault.

Never mind that the Charlotte mayor and City Council lit the fire and regularly fueled it with gasoline, it’s still the fault of the fire fighters, that is, state legislators who are putting out the raging fire. Where is the logic in that argument?

Where is the truth? Is there any courage in media? The public is justified in their distrust of secular media. Lacking the courage to ask honest questions and absent the moral standards that gave birth to journalism as we know it, media created the present environment of distrust. They earned it.

I see a tragic, inevitable conclusion to the present reign of media over the public mind.

One day they will discover that the government they elected will remove the privileges of free press. Journalism as we have known it will be buried forever in the annals of American history. Everyone loses.

This is the lesson of Proverbs 26:27. “Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone will have it roll back on him.”

Some small town, independently owned newspapers and radio stations are bucking the conglomerate media outlets. If you live in one of those towns, congratulate the journalists who have the courage to respect the values of a free press. They need to know that you appreciate respectful consideration of proven moral values.

Please exercise your right to voice your biblical values at the polls.

Silence will only feed the flames of immorality.